My Turn: Nope, anti-vax not worth the debate

Joe Kassel makes a point that media coverage is counter to healthy discourse concerning the importance of getting childhood vaccinations. However, his argument is that the anti-vaxxers are getting the short shift concerning their views. The most important concept about children getting vaccinations at the appropriate age for certain diseases is based on sound scientific principles and years of evidence of effectiveness.

My Turn: Police need to help clean up Kona

I read with interest your weekend story on the homeless in Kona. Particularly disturbing is the part of the story regarding the homeless camp right next to the fire station, with the homeless vagrants walking around in likely drug-induced stupors to the point of actually entering the fire house without authorization.

My Turn: Neighborhood too packed to add more

This letter is in response to the WHT front page article Jan. 7 about the proposed Kona Village Development. I attended a meeting where the developers were explaining what they were proposing to do with a 70-acre parcel of land between the Kona Vista subdivision, the Gomes property and the Pualani Estates subdivision.