My Turn: We’re officially in a recession, so now what?

It’s official, the National Bureau of Economic Research recently announced we are now in a recession. What will the economic recovery look like? The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) has already been working on projects that will help rebuild the economy, as long as our funding isn’t raided.

My Turn: We expect better

Last month, the Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) unanimously rejected the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) on aquarium collecting in West Hawaii. What is particularly distressing and demoralizing about the BLNR decision was that it clearly was not based on the best available science and relevant monitoring data. Other than a single preliminary question, neither the chairperson nor board members asked any questions or solicited any input from the four Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR) staff members, including three aquatic biologists, who attended the meeting. The DAR staff certainly could have provided science-based information and background on the issues being discussed and used as rationale for the FEIS denial.

My Turn: BLNR didn’t make the right decision

Recently, there was a Letter to the Editor saying that the Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) made a good decision to reject the EIS concerning aquarium fishing. I know a great deal about this subject having spent 22-plus years on the issue.

As I See It: Isn’t peace what we really want?

We are hearing a lot about law and order. When officials say law and order, they often mean using the overwhelming life-threatening power the law has given them to impose what they consider order to be. This is not always the same as the community’s idea. A hundred thousand marching down mainstreet can be order even if it’s a technical violation of an ordinance. One person furtively throwing a brick through window is disorder. So is an officer using a weapon unnecessarily.

My Turn: Be part of the solution by expanding your social consciousness

It is my guess that Mr. Jeffrey Coakley and those who identify with what he describes as conservative values do not understand how their perception of the world has brought America to the point of mass protests. Nor do they see that their viewpoints are based on judgment; which amounts to feeling better than those whom they deem as being freeloaders, immoral or inferior. Nor would they agree that benefiting society is more important than unlimited access to what they want for themselves.

As I See It: Get-tough rhetoric only leads to more protest

Police are necessary because it’s an imperfect world and always will be. There will always be a need for some functions that only a police type organization can furnish. Even the most strictly policed places, prisons and military bases have those problems. Yes, prisons are full of people with behavior problems so let’s deal with that separately. The military, however, is composed of motivated basically normal people, still disagreements and misunderstandings will occur and those can require a disciplinary means AKA police.

My Turn: Where the Hawaii Paroling Authority’s ‘kuleana’ lies

The Hawaii Paroling Authority (HPA) serves as the central paroling authority for the State of Hawaii. HPA is a quasi-judicial body whose mission is to determine minimum terms of imprisonment; evaluate and grant parole utilizing HPA and community resources as a link for parolees to reintegrate into society. HPA consists of five board members who also investigate and make recommendations for gubernatorial pardons in concert with the director of the Department of Public Safety.

My Turn: Defending the Democratic Party

I would like to respond to Dave Chrisman’s letter published in last Sunday’s paper about the Democratic Party losing its way. Reading the headline, I thought I would be in agreement with him because my party has fallen short. I would have loved a more progressive candidate for president — a woman! It didn’t take tong to see that our reasons for being critical of the Democratic Party are quite different.