My Turn: Anti-vax coverage counter to healthy discourse

It was disappointing to read your article and editorial coverage of public testimony on the proposed expansion of mandated vaccines by the Department of Health. It is easy to stigmatize, name call and deride people whose researched opinions are contrary to one’s own. It is also easy to quote the opinions of organizations and institutions holding the same position as you do.

Obenski column: People’s will, well-being squashed by wealthy few

The United States Senate likes to be called the world’s greatest deliberative body. Other people actually called it that, too. When De Tocqueville described it in 1838, it sounded more like a combination of a university faculty and Microsoft board of directors than today’s auction house.

Constitution Corner: Making a case for federalism

If there was ever a cause for federalism, another government shutdown is it. It shows us clearly that it’s past time for state legislators and governors to reclaim federal power back to their states and return control over many activities that have been stolen by Washington. Not everything has to be federalized.

My Turn: Kona subdivision lacks common sense

In this time of a scarcity of common sense in national politics (aka: government shutdown) we have a local issue that is calling to our county Planning Department to please give us wisdom and direction and yes, common sense.