My Turn: Hemp can transform our island

Hawaii needs a more diverse economic base. If it wasn’t obvious before, it sure is now. Tourism is not going to save us. Sure, when the world was not in a pandemic, things were rolling around quite well with tourism being the big dog.

My Turn: The difference between science and political science

Among the PhD signatories to the recent claim of “science” and “data,” (“We Expect Better” published June 25) most have been front-line aquarium trade defenders for decades, some generating many thousands in grant and taxpayer dollars to “mitigate the damage of this destructive extraction.” At least one is a licensed aquarium collector. Another, Ivor Williams, presented a status report on Maui some years ago. He took three minutes to dismiss the case for banning the aquarium trade, calling that approach “emotional.” He took two hours to describe all “the work” being done on “data management” of the trade. DLNR sponsored the visit. Mitigation funding exceeds reported gross revenue of trafficking in reef wildlife.

As I See It: Time to think outside the historic box

We can learn a lot from the pandemic shutdown. Mostly what to not do. A one industry economy is unreliable, especially one as fickle as tourism. Cruise ships are going to be empty floating ghettos for a long time. Hotels will at least attract business travelers. Local business can support good restaurants. We need some other sustainable independent wealth generators.