How to make Japanese curry then serve it three different ways

While packing up our house of nearly 20 years, I found the bin with all my travel journals. For every vacation, I record our journeys in a small notebook. Actually, they mostly contain detailed notes on every food market we visit and the meal and snacks sampled there.

Trump extends virus guidelines, braces US for big death toll

WASHINGTON — Bracing the nation for a death toll that could exceed 100,000 people, President Donald J. Trump on Sunday extended restrictive social distancing guidelines through April, bowing to public-health experts who presented him with even more dire projections for the expanding coronavirus pandemic.

Water, ash, and the great unknown of explosive volcanic eruptions

The presence of water in Halema’uma’u has sparked an important discussion about what the pond means for future eruptions at Kilauea Volcano. There are no written records of water at the summit, so to guide the discussion we need information about magma-water interaction from deposits of the past.

Getting worse

Just about every Big Island industry is struggling under the state’s lockdown of nonessential businesses.