Science foundation discusses funding TMT

HONOLULU — The National Science Foundation has launched an informal outreach to Hawaii about possible funding efforts for the stalled Thirty Meter Telescope project.

Maunakea bills shot down

Although the controversy surrounding the Thirty Meter Telescope still looms large over the Big Island community, it has largely left the state Legislature this year.

Lawmakers cut funding for TMT enforcement from state budget

HONOLULU — As Hawaii County’s mayor seeks to delay construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope for two months or longer, state lawmakers have approved cuts in law enforcement operations to deal with events such as the demonstrations that blocked access to the telescope.

Maunakea rules approved, but not yet implemented

Although Gov. David Ige approved the University of Hawaii’s new administrative rules governing Maunakea in January, it could still take a year before all of those rules can be implemented.

Maunakea debris raise concern, again

After a windy week along the Daniel K. Inouye Highway, the camp at the Maunakea Access Road has incurred ire from, among others, supporters of the Thirty Meter Telescope.

Panel backs Native Hawaiian reconciliation commission

HONOLULU — A panel of lawmakers on Monday passed a resolution calling for the governor to convene a Native Hawaiian reconciliation commission, a step that comes after protests blocking the construction of one of the world’s largest telescopes.

Ethics Board to take on Maunakea road block

The fences blocking Maunakea Access Road came down more than a month ago. But the debate over whether the government applied the law discriminately by not removing protesters and reopening the road is as robust as ever.