Letters to the editor: 03-05-18

Arrogant and appalling

Regarding Nancy Cook Lauer’s article in Sundays paper. I find Mr. Standke’s comments arrogant and appalling. How dare he ­— who lives on the mainland in a gated community of less than 2,500 people, who owns a huge home on over an acre, who obviously reveres space regarding his own personal living situation — come to this island, buy up lots of properties and tell us how he thinks we should live or what is good for our community.

What I see are all his greed-driven comments. So he thinks that “one of the nicest places on Earth to visit” warrants a “mini hotel” on our precious shoreline just so he can recoup money on his investment? Otherwise “it’s not a good use of oceanfront?”

Guess what, Mr. Standke? Quaint T1-11 plywood siding with rusty sheet metal roofs are what gives our island charm. If you want this to look just like where you came from, then perhaps that’s where you should stay. What makes Hawaii appealing to visitors is the different lifestyle that is unique to our island and state. That monstrosity you are building is disgusting and out of place.

When people start renting out the homes they bought for investment, there are fewer places for local people to rent or the prices to rent are so high, people simply can’t afford them so in my opinion, you are wrong and your observations and comments are ignorant. Change may be inevitable but development should be thoughtful and respectful to the people that live here full time and call this place home.

Kathy Awai