My Turn: Dads deserve recognition

On Father’s Day, I am reminded of my dad, Clarence Y. Nozaki (Mongoose). Even though he passed away more than 21 years ago, it seems like only yesterday that he was still with us. He definitely filled our family and society with a lot of laughter and fun times.

Barreca column: A letter to Dad for Father’s Day

Because the dead don’t leave forwarding addresses, Dad, I’m not sure where to send this, but I’m writing anyway in celebration of Father’s Day. I’m once again proving your point: I’m relentless if I’m determined to make it happen.

Trump to Kim: I’m with you, not the CIA

When the president of the United States sides with a murderous dictator over our own CIA, you would think it would be big news. When that dictator is a communist who has threatened the United States with missile attacks, you would think leaders of the Republican Party might be at least a little agitated.

My Turn: DMV staff between rock and hard place

As one who has been in that horrendous DMV line for three-plus hours and as one who has been behind that service window to help you, I am in a position to make some statements both by observation and experience as a systems analyst and process improvement professional.