Editorial: Why all Americans should be rooting for Joe Biden’s success

When he accepted the Democratic presidential nomination, Joe Biden knew if he won the election, he would be facing enormous challenges: curbing a deadly pandemic, reviving a struggling economy, alleviating the hardship of jobless workers, combating racial injustice and restoring the world’s trust in American leadership. “History,” he said, “has delivered us to one of the most difficult moments America has ever faced.”

Commentary: If anyone knows how to vaccinate, it’s a pediatrician; they should be enlisted in COVID-19 effort

We hesitate to add yet another voice to the chorus of criticism for COVID vaccine distribution, but as a longtime primary care pediatric practice, we feel the need to speak out and offer our services. We were struck over the past few days by the comments from politicians lamenting the fact that the COVID vaccine rollout has been “as incomprehensible as it has been inexcusable.” We agree, as we are even today still working to find vaccine to protect our front-line clinical staff.

My Turn: New year un-resolution

No doubt the calendar year 2020 was an extremely different and difficult year for the world. For some the traditional “Happy New Year” greeting has been replaced by “thank God 2020 is over.” For me, the past years merely serve as a stepping stone to the following years and so on. Each year comes with its ups and downs, but for some reason 2020 seemed more of a downer and not because of any particular thing that happened to me but more so because I had to bear witness to what I can only characterize as a constant disappointment in human behavior.

Commentary: Treaty seeks end to nuclear madness

On Jan. 22, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will enter into force. The treaty bans the development, production, possession, deployment, testing, use and just about anything else you can imagine related to nuclear weapons.

Editorial: Turn the page

President Donald Trump leaves office in less than a week. What we need in those days, and beyond, is not more drama.

My Turn: Let the swimmers swim

The recent decision by the BIIF executive board and school ADs to cancel winter sports was the wrong decision for swimming and spring board diving for that matter.

My Turn: Nominees don’t meet qualifications

I oppose the nominations of Ikaika Rodenhurst and Zendo Kern as directors of the Department of Public Works and the Planning Department, respectively. Neither of these nominees meets the qualifications of the County Charter. I do not know Mr. Rodenhurst, but I do know Mr. Kern from serving on the Council together.