Better off with the kanakas

I read Aunty Anne Hamilton’s letter with amusement. She claimed that the protectors are bad-faith actors. I visited the protectors’ camp and there was a spirit of aloha, good faith, education, reverence, respectfulness and non-violence. Everyone in the camp had a smile and aloha was present for all to feel.

My Turn: Counties united against injustice

In a unanimous vote, the Honolulu City Council on Sept. 4 joined the Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii county councils in approving resolutions to hold Bank of America accountable for its unfulfilled commitment to Hawaiian Homelands beneficiaries. As a council member for Hawaii County, I am inspired and encouraged by the opportunity for all four counties to work together to resolve this quarter century of injustice.

My Turn: Signs show change to Big Pharma control coming

The fractious Congress returns after Labor Day (oh, joy!), but this fall there just happens to be an excellent chance the Senate could take a significant, almost uniquely bipartisan, step toward bringing down the cost of prescription drugs by passing the Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act (PDPRA).

My Turn: Facts still matter in Laaloa dispute

Going back in time, between 1906-1908 a famous archaeologist named Stokes identified a religious temple, the Haukalua Heiau. In 1973 the area now known as Laaloa Beach Park was placed on the State of Hawaii Registry of Historic Places, the religious temple (Haukalua Heiau) was listed as well as several burials and other historic properties. The County of Hawaii condemned the property in 1993 to build a parking lot.