I am extremely dismayed by the comments made the anti-Thirty Meter

Letter to the Editor

U.S. presidential elections rarely turn on voters’ views on foreign policy. Domestic issues such as the economy and health care, including the coronavirus pandemic this year, are almost always seen as more important by voters.

My Turn: Hawaii could lead the world in aquaculture

Americans are enjoying seafood now more than ever. Demand for healthy and fresh seafood is on the rise, which is great news for public health and could be great news for Hawaii and coastal communities, many of which rely on fisheries as a cultural and economic mainstay. I say “could be” because, at present, the United States is outsourcing most of our seafood production overseas and losing out on this economic boon when our nation needs it most.

COLUMN: Normalizing the abnormal

It is only a coincidence that Election Day follows so closely on the heels of Halloween, but 2020’s presidential contest couldn’t be more perfectly correlated to the Gregorian calendar. It’s spooky out there.

Isn’t it time for the recipients of pandemic welfare / aid in the way of unemployment benefits and meals etc. to begin to “pay back” by volunteering to clean up public areas in need (Magic Sands unusable parking lot to name one) of such sprucing up??? I am sure the County and the State would have no trouble conjuring up a list of “need to do” small projects (painting fire hydrants) for small groups of volunteers……be a nice way of saying “thank you” to government for its aid during these rough times.

I read with some dismay the article from Olga Alford and would like to extend my sympathies for her experience with her AOAO. While she is correct for the most part, concerning the trials we all go through with developers who many times must sell one building in a project in order to complete it while sales have already begun for the next one, all owners associations are not alike. Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) are almost boilerplate with the names just changed to reflect the new development. They are necessarily written in legalize because they have to address all the language in 514 A&B Hawaii Revised Statutes Hawaii, Condominium Property Act. Now I have to say that anytime in life that someone is about to sign a document they don’t understand the only logical (if painful) thing to do is have it explained by an attorney.

Editorial: President can’t be trusted on preexisting conditions

President Donald Trump keeps on saying he’ll protect people with preexisting health conditions even if he succeeds in killing the Affordable Care Act — and, oddly enough, quite a few people appear to believe him. Yet he has no plan for an alternative to the ACA, and he hasn’t said how he means to keep his promise to protect those at risk.

Editorial: The US needs a new strategy in Venezuela

A year and a half since protesters took to the streets of Caracas, and U.S. President Donald Trump warned that “all options are on the table” if Venezuelan strongman Nicolas Maduro refused to step down, the fortunes of the two leaders have reversed. While Trump is recovering from Covid-19 and facing defeat at the polls, Maduro’s grip on power has grown more secure. With Venezuela’s main opposition parties planning a boycott of parliamentary elections on Dec. 6, Maduro is poised to consolidate control over all three branches of government.

Commentary: COVID-19 contact tracing apps: Choose the technology wisely

There has been significant interest in leveraging smartphone apps for contact tracing, a public health strategy that involves tracking people who are COVID-19 positive to identify disease hot spots. Traditionally this is done by workers on foot and over the telephone, and we know this labor-intensive method works — it has helped in the elimination of smallpox and in curbing the spread of sexually transmitted infections. However, the efficacy of the app-boosted method is still unknown.