My Turn: Timeshares are off course

I read with great dismay that the developers of Waikoloa Beach Resort want to turn nine holes of open-space golf into 1,164 timeshare units and 25 high-end single family lots, claiming that golf play is down and their 36-hole course unsustainable. These courses were created as an amenity to lure mainland retirees to their resort. They were never intended to be sustainable and now that they are running out of land to develop, the developers who are very financially successful are crying poor-mouth to create this bait and switch.

Commentary: Should you stay or should you go? Plan now to protect your animals in both disaster scenarios

It’s three o’clock in the morning and a piercing tone from your phone jolts you awake. Your heart pounds and your hands shake as the urgent message sinks in: A disaster is heading straight for your area, and it will hit within an hour. What should you do? Where should you go? Will your whole family — including your animal companions — make it through the emergency safely?

Editorial: Where legalization of undocumented immigrants goes from here

After more than 30 years of circular conversations and legislative wrangling, immigration advocates finally came close to a mass legalization program, only to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory: Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough Sunday ruled that the measures could not be included in the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill, which requires only the approval of a bare majority to pass.

Editorial: Mislabeling plastic as recyclable defeats the purpose and damages the planet

A bill passed last week by the California Legislature would ban manufacturers from putting the triangular chasing-arrows symbol, signifying that their plastic products and packaging are recyclable, on items that are not anywhere near recyclable. Although this first-in-the-nation measure didn’t receive much outside attention, the bill deserves to be imposed nationwide in order to halt the widespread and destructive use of the recyclable symbol — along with the overuse of plastics in packaging.

Ramesh Ponnuru: Moderates are the real health-care progressives

One-point-five trillion dollars is a lot of money. But by reportedly saying that’s the most he is willing to have the federal government spend on a package of social, climate and infrastructure programs, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is forcing his fellow Democrats to make choices they avoid in their $3.5 trillion plan. Some of the most difficult for them involve health care.