Kona tattoo artist Che Pilago brings his clients’ stories to the surface

Che Pilago has been tattooing since he was a teenager. Around age 15, he started sneaking his dad’s tattoo equipment to work on friends when his parents were out camping for the weekend (don’t tell them). Che grew up watching his dad, Angel Pilago, and close relatives tattoo. His dad’s side of the family comes from a long line of tattoo artists who specialize in traditional Polynesian-style tattoo, or tatau.

Help for Banyan Drive still needed

HILO — After passing legislation to extend leases for the Kanoelehua Industrial Area last year, lawmakers are again turning their attention to improving Hilo’s hotel area on Banyan Drive.

Creativity abounds at our Legislature

This year, our Legislature once again is poised to consider revenue raising – namely, taxes in new and creative ways. For a different perspective on the issue, we’re asking the Hawaii State Tax Watch Doggie, who has been going through the hundreds of introduced bills.