Unemployment tax in the nonprofit sector

Two weeks ago, we discussed the unemployment tax and insurance system and how employers are likely to be hit with a significant and automatic rate increase at the end of this year.

Hawaiian Electric proposes to speed use of electric buses

Hawaiian Electric has proposed a project to speed adoption of electric buses in public, private and school bus fleets on Oahu, Maui and Hawaii Island. The company is asking the Public Utilities Commission to approve an eBus Make-Ready Infrastructure Pilot Project.

Small Business Matters: Business moves on to Plan B, C, D …

Hawaii’s business community waited quite a while for a trans-Pacific non-quarantine start date, and as we all know that has been pushed back a month — for now. The governor and the mayors were telegraphing this pretty clearly before it was announced, so it’s no surprise and you really can’t blame them. The mainland has unfortunately gone nuts again with infection rates, we’re still not sure how pre-arrival testing in Hawaii would work, and with our limited medical resources, it’s easy to imagine an alarming scenario if COVID-19 took off here at even a fraction of mainland rates. But it is discouraging.

Damn the tax clearances, full speed ahead!

Several articles in this space have been about features in Governor Ige’s emergency proclamations. We are now on the tenth one and counting, which makes us wonder about the 60-day limit written into the emergency powers statutes (see HRS section 127A-14(d)), but that issue may be sorted out in lawsuits that were recently filed.

Statewide survey of Hawaii’s avocado industry underway

The Hawaii Farmers Union United and the Hawaii Avocado Association are conducting a survey of avocados grown commercially in Hawaii, including the types of cultivars (varieties) and growing elevations on each island. The information will be used to develop strategies to bolster Hawaii’s avocado industry.