As I See It: Political divisiveness

As we all know, humans are not all the same. We come in a variety of forms, but perhaps more important in the long run are attitudes. Attitudes are not linear like black to white with a lot of gray in between. They are more like colors with a full spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet and a full range of amplitudes from can’t see it dark to blinding. Politics, though, seem to put people on a left to right continuum. Left liberal, right conservative. The further one goes to one end the more they distrust the other end, yet the ends begin to in some was look alike (Communist or Fascist). Unfortunately, we are getting to the point where both ends seem to hate the middle. Even more unfortunate, many make assumptions about others based on their opinion on one issue, or what one extremist claims the other side wants.

My Turn: Factory-built housing exploits building code loophole

Two of the most challenging socioeconomic issues our community faces are the high cost of living and lack of affordable housing. These are the same two reasons why our residents leave the state. Pacific Resource Partnership (PRP) remains steadfast in its support for policies that incentivize the construction of more affordable housing units and create jobs that pay a “living wage” to enhance the quality of life for all residents of Hawaii.

My Turn: Explore partnerships for water reuse at Kealakehe WWTP

I’d like to compliment the Department of Environmental Management and plant manager Alika DeMello in particular for the rapid response and implementation of a solution to the sewer spill that occurred earlier this month on Alii Drive. An overt sewage spill such as that one gets attention from the press and the public. But a much more insidious problem exists related to partially treated human wastewater.

My Turn: Your vote is your voice in government

On Aug. 8, the primary election in Hawaii County will be deciding on the mayor, prosecuting attorney and several County Council seats. Voters who do not vote in the primary election will have no say in who will hold these offices. Do you need any other reason to understand why your vote in the primary election is very important?