It’s time for full public financing in Hawaii elections

My Turn: We have a major infrastructure disaster facing us

Last year, the 117 th U.S. Congress cooperated in a bipartisan effort to pass the $1.7 trillion Emergency Infrastructure Bill. The allocation of funds created by this legislation will be determined according to both equity and need, with need being the primary focus.

As I See It: The war on the poor

Writing a book is the easy part, getting it published is the hard part. One has about the same odds as playing the Powerball lottery. Most publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts from a writer without an agent they know. Most agents are just as picky. You can’t get either one until you have the other. It is like: You can’t get loan unless you can show you don’t need the money. Most books, nine out of ten, by established authors do not sell enough copies to profit, but the tenth one is a blockbuster that covers all the losses. If the author is already famous, or infamous, they have a better chance