Obenski column: What driving with aloha means to me

The first time I visited Hawaii County, 1993, I was impressed with the aloha of the drivers. I hardly ever heard a horn. Drivers actually pulled to the shoulder and waited for emergency vehicles to pass, even where there was abundant space.

Obituaries: 12-07-19

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My Turn: OHA, protesters display hypocrisy at its finest

The complaint filed against the Hawaii Police Department was a great call by Former Lieutenant Juergen Canda. Taxpayers will have absolutely no problem voiding out that bill. HPD hasn’t been doing their job anyway. Too much conflict of interest with the protesters. And if you haven’t noticed, OHA, its beneficiaries, along with all their “native rights” are above the law. We are a “fake state” according to the protesters. Yet, they continue to hold the rights of U.S. citizenship. And continue to work for state and federal jobs.