My Turn: China a great power that can be trusted

Your publication of Mr. Greg Gerard’s letter on Aug. 17 (China: A worrisome partner) marks a new low for WHT editorial standards. Why not use the incendiary headlines of a century ago: Chinese – Need Not Apply?

My Turn: China worrisome TMT partner

Our community has important concerns brought forward by the effort to build and oppose the building of TMT on Maunakea. All the issues should be taken seriously and worked out to improve all the relationships and provide opportunity for all the people in our state. These difficulties cry out for people of good will, caring and courageous to think and act beyond selfish interests for resolution.

My Turn: Maunakea visit changed me forever

I recently had the opportunity to spend four days on Maunakea as a legal observer. My role as a legal observer was to help ensure that the rights of the kupuna and kiai to peacefully demonstrate were respected. In the event of arrests, I was to document the names of those arrested, where they were being taken, and if they needed assistance with representation or bail. Thankfully, there were no arrests during my time on Maunakea.

My Turn: Columnist deserves correcting, scolding

It is hard to overestimate the level of ignorance and misinformation demonstrated by WHT columnist Denis Gregory in his Aug 1 WHT column about TMT. It is an all out rant against things he considers too big and praising the TMT protester blockade in particular.

My Turn: Maunakea can be beacon for us, other countries

While TMT has earned the legal right to proceed with its construction on Maunakea, we would all be wise to respect the mana and sentiments of the people who have assembled en masse to block TMT from moving forward. This spiritual force of Native Hawaiian unity for ancestral teachings, cultural respect, social justice and to permanently halt the TMT project is a peaceful and well-executed plan.