Obenski column: Kona’s Green New Deal message jumbled at best

I’m not a member of an organized political party but was invited Oct. 8 to attend a Democratic Party Green New Deal Town Hall being held the next day. There was no detail other than referencing the internet, but I took a chance to see some people of influence or vision and went.

My Turn: Recycling change teaches the wrong lesson

I’m astounded by the giant step backward we have taken by eliminating our capacity for recycling in Hawaii. This is especially disheartening in the context of the positive steps we’ve taken in raising awareness of the damage we are doing to our planet through the efforts of young activists like Greta Thunberg.

My Turn: As new Supreme Court starts — expect divisiveness

During the last Supreme Court term, which followed the bruising confirmation fight over Brett M. Kavanaugh, the justices seemed to intentionally shy away from taking up the most controversial legal questions. That certainly isn’t the case for the court’s coming term, which began Monday. Over the next several months, the justices will decide divisive cases involving gay and lesbian rights, immigration and gun control.

My Turn: Why I support the protectors of Maunakea

As a longtime resident of Naalehu, I have been experiencing the same anger and frustration the protectors of Maunakea feel about the TMT project: I have been excluded from county and state government decisions regarding unwanted development in my backyard. Even Mayor Harry Kim’s current proposal to “restructure the management of the mountain” falls short of being inclusive because protectors pointed out he still lacked “meaningful engagement” with key stakeholders.

Obenski column: 45 problems, and he’s every one

Is the whistleblower a traitor, or the CIA doing its job to protect our republic from all enemies foreign and domestic? One of our checks and balances is 1.4 million public servants (the deep-state, so hated by extremists) quietly doing their jobs no matter how foolishly the elected members of government behave.