Are electric and self-driving cars really a good idea?

Politicians and pundits get excited about new technology they barely or don’t even understand. Too often their pronouncements are based on, or taken literally from press releases. I’m not against new technology, but someone has to cool off the hype before we corner ourselves based on belief that exceeds possibility.

Agtech, Aquatech offer huge opportunities for Hawaii

Most people in Hawaii understand we need to diversify our economy to include more than tourism income and military spending. We also understand the need to grow more of our own food, rather than depend on imports and, ideally, export high-value food products as well. Not incidentally, one factor contributing to the wildfires that ravaged Lahaina and damaged Kula and other places in our islands is that so much land now lies fallow, uncared for and unirrigated, covered in wild grasses that are fuel for wildfires. This needs to change.

Cinco de Mayo is not what you think

All the bars in Kona and parties across the whole country celebrated Cinco de Mayo last week. Many had no idea why they were partying. Ask almost anyone at a Cinco de Mayo party what they are celebrating and they will raise up their beer mug and shout, “It’s Mexico’s Independence day, their 4th of July!” Sorry, but Cinco de Mayo is not their Independence day, it’s all about a battle called the Battle of Puebla.

The ups & downs of living in Hawaii

Hawaii is a magical place; people come here for a lot of reasons. Unlike most vacation destinations, Hawaii has no legal gambling, excuse me, gaming is the politically correct name preferred by the industry. Gambling was such a strong part of the original culture that the anti-fun missionaries worked really hard to stamp it out, along with hula. Hawaii island is even more special.

Hawaii traditions should be honored

I know very little about hula, but last week it was most of the local news, for good reason. Hula is as much a part of Hawaii as fish and poi or kalua pork. Dance in general has always been a little outside my comfort zone. In high school I was intimidated about dancing because I could feel the disapproval for my lack of skill. I finally learned in college ten years later that I could fake it and no one cared. I suspect that was as much a generational change than a change in me. I grew up near Philadelphia where Bandstand originated and many rushed, home to watch, or maybe appear.