My Turn: Women have rights

The May 11 Marc A. Thiessen editorial on protesters picketing the Supreme Court justices stinks. It smells of extreme bias that is so common among the Republican right.

As I See It: Constitution doesn’t give government control of a person’s medical choices

Our ancestors were governed, ruled by kings who claimed to be anointed by God or gods, if not actually descended from them. As such their decrees or opinions were infallible and thus absolute. Obedience was assured by a warrior class that would punish offenders without mercy, or justice. Those who escaped worldly consequences of their behavior were cowed by a priesthood threat: Even those who escaped earthly punishment would suffer even worse in the afterlife, fire and brimstone or reincarnated as a bug or lizard. No one ever returned from the afterlife to rebut their prediction. The anointed came to believe, in spite of a lack of evidence that their decrees had the desired effect and proscribed behavior ceased to exist. Just to be sure they continued to crucify or burn millions of alleged violators.

My Turn: Shoot it down

Mentally ill, down-in-the-dumps, houseless human beings survive hidden in bushes, fighting drought and flash floods directly across the road from multi-million dollar resorts, public parks and businesses. Local residents reel from the economic and psychological tsumani of COVID-19 while affordable housing remains a pipe dream. Beaches and other public and sensitive natural areas are overrun with population influx and lack of funding for remedy or management of the onslaught. Roads are jammed with out-of-state and rental cars leaving infrastructure beyond capacity. So what do we do?

My Turn: Keeping our classrooms safe for everyone

As a 30-year veteran elementary teacher, I felt compelled to offer a rebuttal to Ms. Teresa Lyons’ attempt at a persuasive letter published Tuesday, disparaging the current guidelines for mandated mask wearing in our Hawaii public classrooms.

As I See It: Far away

Long, long ago in a land far away an Empire ruled with an iron hand. It ruled most of the known universe. Townspeople with war paint were mistaken for savages when they destroyed the Empire’s over taxed imported necessities. They saturated the Empire’s merchandise with salt water.

My Turn: Let’s Sanction American Oligarchs

We’re not used to thinking of America as having oligarchs — but don’t we? An oligarch is sometimes defined as “a very rich business leader with a great deal of political influence.” Let’s take a look at two such American men who have been making the news lately.

My Turn: Referendum needed for Captain Cook name proposal

There has been some debate within the Legislature on House Concurrent Resolution 27, which would request the U.S. Census Bureau and the County of Hawaii to re-designate the name of Captain Cook to Ka‘awaloa. The debate on the name change stems from many other social conversations, such as: the name change of McKinley High school on Oahu and the name changes and statue removal across the United States. Hawaii has a very unique socio-political history that traces back to before the formation of its Kingdom by King Kamehameha the Great.