My Turn: Replace Waiaka Bridge

What a wonderful way to start Thanksgiving with the front page of West Hawaii Today quoting U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz declaring that the federal government is making the biggest infrastructure investment in Hawaii in the past 30 years with at least $2.8 billion for roads, harbors, highways etc. Wow.

As I See It: Foreign policy often resembles middle school

The Middle East is a mess. Some say it’s our fault, but it has always been a mess. If you doubt that, read the Old Testament. Tribal war was constant and nobody could be trusted. Human sacrifice, murder, slavery, incest and rape were common. Corruption was rampant and might made right.

As I See It: Democracy is messy

The Democratic Party seems disorganized, perhaps because democracy is messy. In a democracy everyone is entitled to an opinion, and almost everyone has one, or several. On a given topic there may be as many opinions in a room as there are people, maybe more as they debate, argue and opine. Some people will be steadfast in their opinion regardless of facts, others will blow with the wind. There will be some thoughtful ones who revise slowly as facts or powerful arguments emerge. One debate could go on forever and never resolve, like abortion or bearing arms. Churches have divided over a single line of scripture. Need I say, getting an entire nation together in one discussion would be challenging.

My Turn: Future shock

The screeching of heavy equipment tearing apart the ‘aina at the makai end of Ka’iminani Drive is heart-wrenching to those who see new Matsuyama development as writing on a Back to the Future wall.

My Turn: Nothing has been done

Does your vote really count? Just over one year ago, on Nov. 3, 2020, you voted for president of the United States, a new mayor, and several new County Council members. You also voted for two Charter amendments to improve the 2% Open Space Land Fund Program. It was our goal to get the county to hire a point-person to work only on the 2% Land Fund Program and to streamline the Maintenance Fund Stewardship grants to empower the volunteers who maintain the 2% Lands.