My Turn: Let the swimmers swim

The recent decision by the BIIF executive board and school ADs to cancel winter sports was the wrong decision for swimming and spring board diving for that matter.

My Turn: Nominees don’t meet qualifications

I oppose the nominations of Ikaika Rodenhurst and Zendo Kern as directors of the Department of Public Works and the Planning Department, respectively. Neither of these nominees meets the qualifications of the County Charter. I do not know Mr. Rodenhurst, but I do know Mr. Kern from serving on the Council together.

As I See It: Some things that can’t be unseen

I had something ready to publish about the great aspirations that would be possible for the Democratic party to restore democracy as we expect it. If that is what they want. I had been saving it for the day the Democrats won a Senate majority. That was hopefully today but a few things happened Wednesday that can’t be unseen.