As I See It: Our shameful DNA

Racism has always been in our shameful DNA. Jamestown, the first permanent English colony, was established in 1607. The Spanish were already colonizing Florida. Both colonies discovered that the Native Americans did not do well as slave labor. In 1619, Virginia imported the first Africans. These colonies were autocratic in one way or another. Religion used to keep people in line. It was not until 1681 that a colony established by William Penn promised religious freedom to all. The English colonists and the French colonists to their north went to war in 1754 over the intervening space, recruiting various Indian tribes as proxy soldiers.

As I See It: Us versus them

It seems safe to say that we can divide the population into two groups; those who want fair elections, and those who want to manipulate. That unfortunately leaves out those who don’t care or are unable to care. Nevertheless, an important part of government-by-the-people is confidence that elections are fair, meaning that the results reflect the desire of the greatest possible portion of the voters. This has been sorely rested recently. Unanimous would be better but unlikely in a population larger than a family. We settle for a majority, more than half. Even that requires some compromise.