My Turn: Kona being taken over by homeless

Kona has been my home for over 40 years. I have always loved it and watched it grow with interest. Of course, changes are always occurring, most for the good, but some not at all positive.

My Turn: Share your thoughts on herbicide bill

On Wednesday, Jan. 8, the Hawaii County Council with the public’s help, will seek to override Mayor Harry Kim’s veto of Bill 101 that would prohibit the use of toxic herbicides on county owned parks and roadways.

Obenski column: Republic still has its ruling class

It’s a new year, but some things never change. We are still a republic, but there is definitely a ruling class. The same names turn up generation after generation in positions of power, elected or otherwise. While they do have to get elected to certain positions, their nomination can be assured if they have the right connections.

My Turn: Let’s do talk facts

Dave Chrisman’s “Just my opinion” (WHT – Jan. 2) asserts that critics of Trump are hell-bent on his removal from office and ignore the glorious record of his accomplishments – “Unemployment is at record lows. Real wages are up. The stock market is at record levels. We are energy independent. We are creating trade deals that put America first. By nearly any metric, American and Americans are better off under this president.”

My Turn: Time to plan Naalehu Theater’s next 100 years

Many thanks for your publication’s coverage of recent developments in the strange and long-running Naalehu Theater saga. In the absence of such insightful reporting, including the well-illustrated front-page story appearing in the legendary Baltimore Sun newspaper in the long-time theater owner’s Maryland backyard, Hawaii County administrators would almost certainly have slunk away in the dark of night and quietly abandoned the purposely neglected landmark to an eventual inevitable demise.