My Turn: A major move to control our lives

Citizens of Hawaii and the U.S. should not have to prove that they have been vaccinated to participate in normal human interactions in a civil society. Vaccine passports must not be a requirement of citizens to be equal to every other citizen. Not having a vaccine passport should not demote one to becoming a second class citizen. This is the first step in dehumanization of sectors of our population.

Things to ponder before going to court

With Hawaii Island’s extensive rental housing market, many landlords and tenants in our community are facing a potentially difficult situation. When Gov. David Ige’s moratorium on residential evictions is eventually lifted, they might need help resolving any outstanding payments.

My Turn: Mediation could help landlords, tenants

Hawaii’s low- and moderate-income residents have historically faced a number of barriers to accessing justice. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted this concern even more as our community prepares to deal with a flood of landlord-tenant disputes over unpaid rent and other expenses, once the statewide moratorium on evictions is lifted.

My Turn: Lack of vaccine passports explained

There is one big problem with the argument that a COVID vaccination card should be accepted as an alternative to pre-flight testing for people flying into Hawaii. The problem is that they are too easy to fake.

My Turn: Planning ahead

It was very disappointing to read in the March 19 edition of the West Hawaii Today that the Leeward Planning Commission approved a five-bedroom Bed and Breakfast establishment on Alii Drive.

My Turn: A positive consequence of a conflict of interest

Good things happen unexpectedly! There is a positive consequence of Planning Director Zendo Kern’s conflict of interest. The conflict was caused because Kern was the owner’s representative for the Campbell/Clapp Trust before the Leeward Planning Commission and then he signed the Tentative Plat Approval for this owner days after being the mayor’s nominee for Planning Director. Having this conflict exposed, we are grateful that the Planning Department has now reopened the subdivision rezoning for the Campbell/Clapp Property.

My Turn: The antithesis of aloha

I’m writing to express my dismay that Mayor Mitch Roth is urging Hawaii County Council members to remove Mark Van Pernis from the Leeward Planning Commission.

My Turn: Lack of Kailua-Kona tsunami evacuation plan a concern

I read the article on Sunday’s front page regarding a possible “megatsunami.” Kwok Fai Cheung, a professor of ocean resources and geoengineering at UH-Manoa, said “I’ve offered to help (Hawaii) County multiple times, even though his contract with the state had run out. So, Kailua-Kona, is not covered by the evacuation plan. This is concerning to say the least.