As I See It: Get-tough rhetoric only leads to more protest

Police are necessary because it’s an imperfect world and always will be. There will always be a need for some functions that only a police type organization can furnish. Even the most strictly policed places, prisons and military bases have those problems. Yes, prisons are full of people with behavior problems so let’s deal with that separately. The military, however, is composed of motivated basically normal people, still disagreements and misunderstandings will occur and those can require a disciplinary means AKA police.

My Turn: Where the Hawaii Paroling Authority’s ‘kuleana’ lies

The Hawaii Paroling Authority (HPA) serves as the central paroling authority for the State of Hawaii. HPA is a quasi-judicial body whose mission is to determine minimum terms of imprisonment; evaluate and grant parole utilizing HPA and community resources as a link for parolees to reintegrate into society. HPA consists of five board members who also investigate and make recommendations for gubernatorial pardons in concert with the director of the Department of Public Safety.

My Turn: Defending the Democratic Party

I would like to respond to Dave Chrisman’s letter published in last Sunday’s paper about the Democratic Party losing its way. Reading the headline, I thought I would be in agreement with him because my party has fallen short. I would have loved a more progressive candidate for president — a woman! It didn’t take tong to see that our reasons for being critical of the Democratic Party are quite different.

As I See It: One rating matters, an overwhelming election majority

We have dilemma within a crisis surrounded by a catastrophe. More than 100,000 Americans have died in a pandemic for which we were ill prepared, even though it was foreseeable. Almost two million confirmed infected for which we were ill prepared, it was foreseeable. About 40 million unemployed for which we were ill prepared, it was foreseeable because it has happened before.