Plant of the Month for July – Ulu

The breadfruit tree, known in Hawaii as ulu, is an excellent choice for a landscape at elevations over 500 feet. It is a lovely large tree that provides an important food crop as well as shade and beauty for your property. Brought here by the Polynesians centuries ago, Hawaiians used its wood for construction, its sap for adhesives and medicines and they burned the dried catkins to repel insects. This multi-use tree is worth planting wherever space allows.

Volcano Watch: Getting in the (rift) zone

Kilauea Volcano, on the Island of Hawaii, has two rift zones. The East Rift Zone is longer, with 50 km (about 31 miles) on land plus another 80 km (about 43 miles) below sea level. The Southwest Rift Zone, which is historically less active, is 40 km (about 20 miles) long with only a small portion underwater. The rift zones extend from Kilauea Caldera and, like the summit region, are prone to volcanic activity. But why are the rift zones so active?

BEZONA: Summer brings flowers for fragrance and color

Long summer days are required to get many plants to flower, especially when it comes to the family of gingers. We often take for granted that which we have in abundance. When we are in good health, we sometimes don’t appreciate it until we get sick.