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A spinach-mushroom quiche with cheesy goodness

My family is not big on eggs, but they do love a nice slice of quiche. Luckily for me, the savory egg custard baked in a pie crust is easy to make (especially if you use a refrigerated crust) and easier still to personalize with favorite meats, vegetables and cheeses — often all the above at the same time.

Recipe: For tastier pasta, toast the noodles

A great way to add flavor to a pasta dish is to toast the noodles in oil, which brings out nutty notes that add complexity to the final result. And a great example of this lesson is sopa seca, which translates to “dry soup” from the Spanish.

Quick Fix: Popular spice adds pizzazz to chicken breast recipe

I was looking for a new way to dress up boneless, skinless chicken breast. Everything but the Bagel spice is becoming very popular. It adds lots of flavor by just using this spice blend for the chicken. It can be found in the spice section of the supermarket. It’s a mixture of sesame seeds, dried onion flakes, garlic powder and poppy seeds. You can make your own using equal amounts sesame seeds and poppy seeds and a little less (about 3/4 amount) of the remaining ingredients.

Staghorn ferns are the survivors of dinasaur days

Hawaiian gardens have long been famous for their vast array of orchids and other showy flowering plants. Ferns on the other hand don’t get top billing in most landscapes even though they were probably the first vascular plants to make Hawaii their home. In fact, ferns have been around long before flowering plants evolved.

Saving honeybees Ho’ola rescues scores of hives

Ho’ola means to heal and that is the name that Kailin and Kai chose for their business when they started rescuing bees. In the last six years, they have rescued nearly 150 bee colonies. Many have been placed on properties in Kohala as pollinators. They are currently maintaining about 50 hives on their farm in Kapa’au. The pair are highly motivated to heal the colonies they rescue and help the bees to thrive. They consider their work a valuable service to their community.

Style at Home: After the holidays, declutter (then re-clutter)

Another magical holiday season has come to a close. The holidays may still not feel quite like “normal” yet, but I still enjoyed bringing out my favorite decorations from Halloween to Thanksgiving to the Christmas finale. Having holiday decor around the house brings in an extra dose of cheer, and I think that was especially called for this year.