Enjoy the greatness of mango

“The mango has made an optimist of me,” Diana Shaw, author of Almost Vegetarian, said. “After all, how bad can the world be when something this good occurs naturally?”

Sensational celebration sparklers to toast a big day

This week, I celebrate a big birthday. It’s one of those significant years, requiring a look back at the life you’ve led, and forward to the what the future holds. The only way to properly toast the day is with sparkling wine. From every corner of the world, produced in classic or more modern methods, and ranging in price from inexpensive to extraordinarily pricey, sparkling wines and champagne are the go-to options for celebrations. Here are a few to consider, all available throughout Hawaii Island.

Whitney Steele balances love of fish, plants, business and family

KAILUA-KONA — Whitney Steele’s love of aquaculture is just a small part of her life. In addition to the ponds, fish and water plants she enjoys working with, she recently purchased a landscaping business and gave birth to her second child. Despite an activity overload, Whitney has an ebullient nature and wears a constant and sincere smile.

Mango, papaya season in full swing

West Hawaii is having bumper crops of mango, banana and papaya this summer, but volcanic eruptions in Puna have destroyed more than homes. They have also destroyed valuable farmlands. Some of the main crops affected are fruit crops like mango, banana, citrus and especially papaya. Some major ornamental plant nurseries have also been destroyed. You will probably notice the lack of Puna papaya at the market due to Kilauea’s effect and this could affect production for some time.