Island Life: Hoo is this

A pueo, or Hawaiian owl (Asio flammeus sandwichensis), sits on a post along the Old Saddle Road on Monday. (Leslie C. Greer/Community contributor)

Crafting for critters: Australian fires prompt global effort

CONCORD, N.H. — Kyla Gill had never so much as touched a sewing machine or picked up a crochet hook two weeks ago. Now, she’s hooked on crafting for critters 10,000 miles away, to the point of temporarily putting aside her floor refinishing business in Pittsburgh.

An Australia in flames tries to cope with an ‘animal apocalypse’

KANGAROO ISLAND, Australia — Sam Mitchell balanced himself on a eucalyptus branch 30 feet above the ground as his meaty right fist clutched a koala, which wailed like a pig with breathing problems. The dark gray marsupial batted its 3-inch black claws in the air helplessly, and minutes later Mitchell crawled down. He and the animal were safely on the ground.

Island Life: 01-14-20

A somewhat rare, male yellow house finch was spotted on the Big Island. (Jerry Slusser/Community Contributor)

The full moon hangs in the sky over Kona. (Lokelanikuulei McMichael/Community Contributor)

Island Life: Dusk Departure

A cruise ship departs, seen through the trees at the Royal Kona Resort Wednesday night. (Jennifer Menegas/Community contributor)

Plant of the Month for January – vetiver grass

KONA — Keeping your little bit of topsoil in place, or just protecting your land from erosion by wind, rain, floods or rising surf is an increasingly daunting challenge here in Hawaii. Along the coast or on steep slopes, choosing to plant vetiver grass can help prevent and mitigate erosion damage.

Changes to Pana‘ewa complex miff equestrians

HILO — Extensive accessibility renovations are scheduled for the Panaewa Recreational Complex this year, but several users of the attached Panaewa Equestrian Center are pushing back against some of the proposed changes.

Bench Warrants 01-03-20

As of Friday January 3, 2020 the following individuals are wanted by the Hawaii Police Department because of outstanding warrants: