Bench Warrants 02-14-20

As of Friday February 14, 2020 the following individuals are wanted by the Hawaii Police Department because of outstanding warrants:

Snapping into place: Jigsaw puzzles have ardent following

There are jigsaw puzzle nights at coffee shops and libraries. Puzzle groups and puzzle games online. Hand-cut wooden puzzles that cost thousands of dollars. And puzzle designs that range from edgy, original artwork to your own, custom-ordered family photos.

Amy B. H. Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden reopens Feb. 29 following four-year closure

With a horticulturist for a dad and a mom who cultivates roses, the love of plants is bound to wear off on you. Peter Van Dyke’s dad brought his young son on his landscaping jobs teaching him gardening skills like grafting early on. Though Peter’s degree from the University of California was in anthropology, his early jobs were mostly in landscape maintenance.

Australia’s forest fires threaten unique flora and fauna

When it comes to strange animals and plants, Australia is in the lead for its share of the unusual to unique. This ancient mini-continent has mammals that lay eggs, and marsupials that carry their premature babies in pouches. Recent fires put many in the animal kingdom at risk and the plant kingdom as well. Some Australian ecosystems will be altered for centuries and some may never recover.

Island Life: Maunakea Valentine

Photo shot from Mauna Loa weather station looking at Maunakea through a heart-shaped swirl of clouds on Valentine’s Day. (Stephen Hinkley/Community contributor)

Island Life: Bi-biscus

A hibiscus blooms within a bloom in January, with a secondary flower on a stalk in its center. (Bob Viggers/Community contributor)

Soup really is m’mm-m’mm good

It was a cold night during the extended holiday season. We had been indulging in everything one indulges in during that caloric time.

Island Life: 02-10-20

A jaboticaba tree, also known as the Brazilian grape tree, is full with fruit. (Bob Duffer/Community Contributor)

Photos of ‘king tides’ globally show risks of climate change

DEPOE BAY, Ore. — Tourists, nature lovers and amateur scientists are whipping out their cameras to document the effects of extreme high tides on shorelines from the United States to New Zealand, and by doing so are helping better predict what rising sea levels will mean for coastal communities around the world.

Bench Warrants 02-09-20

As of Friday February 7, 2020 the following individuals are wanted by the Hawaii Police Department because of outstanding warrants: