Welcome spring with colorful rhododendrons and hydrangeas

With longer days, most folks are getting chronic Hawaiian spring fever. This means being close to nature with plants. Hydrangeas are coming on the market with blue, pink or white flowers. They are available intermittently from now to Mother’s Day. Hydrangeas generally grow in cool wet areas like Volcano and Waimea, but may be grown almost anywhere if given enough moisture and shade in sunny locations.

Volcano Watch: Did groundwater trigger explosive eruptions at Kilauea?

VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK — In February 1924, the surface of the lava lake at Halemaumau dropped rapidly and disappeared from view. Throughout March and April, the crater floor subsided as magma moved out of the summit reservoir into the East Rift Zone. By May 6, 1924, the floor of Halemaumau had dropped more about 600 feet below the crater rim.

Island Life: 03-21-19

Makua Lani Christian Academy’s Elementary School second- through fifth-graders show off ribbons they earned as science fair winners. Congratulations! (Courtesy Photo)

Island Life: 03-19-19

Two turkeys hang out at Makani Golf Club. (Lloyd Corliss/Community Contributor)