Kona gardener uses plant knowledge for business, reforestation

I first met Jill Wagner more than 20 years ago when we were both volunteering at Amy Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden in Captain Cook. I learned most of what I know about native Hawaiian plants there and still turn to garden manager, Peter VanDyke, as well as Jill when I have questions about native plants.

Plants for home foundation

Foundation plantings are like spandex garments. They smooth out bumpy features and add a dressy look. When properly used, a foundation planting serves definite purposes. It connects the structure with the grounds and adjacent ornamentals so that the building and grounds appear to have grown together into an eye-appealing design. Shrubs and vines also tend to soften and blend architectural lines. Such plants give the home a finished look.

Island Life: 01-16-19

A black crowned night heron hunts for its prey under the moonlight at Anaehoomalu Beach. (Keoni Williamson/Community Contributor)

Chinese chicken salad offers an enticing variety of tastes

With its juicy oranges, tender chicken and a crunchy topping, Chinese chicken salad offers an enticing variety of tastes and textures. But many versions seem to have lost their way, weighted down with gloppy sauces, lackluster chicken, sugary canned orange segments and watery greens.

A trio of ways to make white chicken chili pop with flavor

White chicken chili is a fresher, lighter cousin of the thick red chili most of us know and love. Its appeal is not surprising because it is a healthier alternative and, when made well, packed with vibrant flavors and spiciness. All too often, however, this chili is lackluster.

West Hawaii finishes ‘18 drier than normal

HILO — While windward rain gauges on Hawaii Island received mostly near- to above-average precipitation in December, the rest of the island had mostly below-average rainfall, according to the National Weather Service in Honolulu.