Weed is just another nasty four-letter word

Weed is a four-letter word much like other four-letter words that we should be careful not to use such as ‘ugly’ and the F bomb. A weed may be defined as any plant growing in the wrong place. Perhaps an even better definition is “a weed is a plant for which we haven’t found value.”

Island Life: Hair triggerfish

A humuhumunukunukuapaa (reef triggerfish) aggressively defends its territory in Kahalu’u bay on Tuesday. Watch out! They bite! (Reiko Sekine/Community contributor)

Island Life: One last ride

A surfer takes the last wave of the day at Kohanaiki Beach, also known as Pine Trees. (John Steenhuis/Community Contributor)

Your next quarantine cooking project: Homemade noodles

Nothing compares to the slippery silkiness of handmade noodles. Freshly rolled and cut wheat flour dough strikes the ideal balance between tender and chewy. In Cantonese, there’s a word for that noodle perfection — ngun — that’s as hard to translate as it is to pronounce if you’re not a native speaker. It’s not exactly al dente because there’s no bite in the center, but that’s the closest approximation.

Money lying around?

During this period of emergency and with our State facing revenue shortfalls of Brobdingnagian proportions, the State Auditor has been busy at work trying to find options for legislators to consider for getting the state budget back on track.