Scampi-Style Chicken and Linguine with Zucchini full of classic Italian flavors

A garlicky wine sauce is well known as the basis for the classic Italian dish, shrimp scampi. The sauce is delicious and perfect for sopping up with some crusty bread. For this recipe, I thought the sauce would be a great preparation for chicken thighs. Lots of garlic, some red vermouth and fresh parsley coat the chicken and add flavor to the linguine.

Plant of the month – October 2023 – kabocha squash

The autumn equinox occurred last Friday night meaning we are officially into fall. This season often conjures visions of fields of orange pumpkins for me. Memories of times past. Here in Hawaii, the best pumpkin to grow is the Japanese kabocha squash. It is green, not orange, but is easy to grow and has very tasty orange flesh.

Let’s Talk Food: The ubiquitous cauliflower

Poor cauliflower! It is a vegetable that did not get much attention until someone decided to mince it and call it cauliflower rice. It always seemed to be a stepchild, some calling it ubiquitous as it is ever present but it doesn’t get much attention.

A wonderful garden in Paris

I am not a frequent visitor to the European continent, but on recent trip to Paris, I discovered a large and wonderful garden that offers lots of areas that any Hawaiian gardener might enjoy visiting.

Tropical Gardening: Clumping bamboos for hedges add to that tropical look

In the good old days, a typical Hawaiian garden was large enough to give neighbors plenty of space to have privacy. As our population increases and land costs escalate, lots are getting smaller. This requires creativity to effectively give us a little garden peace and quiet. Traditional garden designs of Japan have dealt with these issues over the centuries. A trip to Japan would be great, but we can learn by observing how local landscape architects and designers have addressed these challenges.