Bezona column: Avocado the all American fruit

Avocados have become the all American fruit now enjoyed throughout the mainland. It is likely Persea americana, originated in South Central Mexico but with a long history of cultivation in South and Central America, beginning as early as 5000 BC.

Island Life: Treasure in bloom

A rainbow ends in a splash of golden blossoms in the early morning along the Old Airport Walking Trail. (Paul Prosise/Community contributor)

Bench Warrants 08-23-19

As of Friday August 23, 2019 the following individuals are wanted by the Hawaii Police Department because of outstanding warrants:

Island Life: Gimme ya clams

A bandit angelfish explores the coral as a red squirrelfish peeks from beneath it off the Kona coast in June. (Donna R. Goodale/Community contributor)

Island Life: Fishy flower

A koi seems shocked to see a purple water lily blooming in his little pond in a Kona yard Monday. (Laurie Sigel/Community contributor)

Island Life: 08-21-19

Cauliflower corals grow from the rope of the 1,500 meter buoy in Kailua Bay. (Reiko Sekine/Community Contributor)

Red Wine with Breakfast: Toasting Italy

Italian wines are diverse, unique, and intriguing. Throughout the country, Italians cultivate little known and international varieties to pair with regional cuisines, each telling a distinct story of the land. These are wines you should be drinking now.

The right pork for summer grilling

It’s no coincidence that nearly everyone I know enjoys food from the grill. The smoky flavor, the golden browned bits, and the ease of cleanup make grilling the summertime impetus for gathering friends to table.

Volcano Watch: What does water in Halemaumau mean?

VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK — The slowly deepening pond of water on the floor of Halemaumau, the first in recorded history, has captured the interest of media and the public, both locally and nationally. Many questions are being asked. The two most frequent are, where is the water coming from, and what is its importance?

Bench Warrants 08-16-19

As of Thursday August 15, 2019 the following individuals are wanted by the Hawaii Police Department because of outstanding warrants:

Bezona column: Take a peek inside big city gardens

On the way to Colombia, we are staying for a while in Harlem to get a sense of life away from home. Folks in New York City are a lot like us in Hawaii. High food costs are a headache these days no matter where you live.