Island Life: Protecting the Planet

The Hawaii People’s Congress took place Nov. 23 and featured more than 150 participants from across the islands gathered for a day of discussions of the climate crisis and next steps to take to prevent widespread calamity by 2030. Pictured here are the Kuleana Academy 2019 graduates, people aspiring to become more civically engaged, run for office themselves, or help other aspiring candidates get elected.

Bench Warrants 12-06-19

As of Friday December 6, 2019 the following individuals are wanted by the Hawaii Police Department because of outstanding warrants:

Bezona column: Myanmar forests have stagehorn ferns, too

Myanmar forests are rich in ferns, but we were surprised to see staghorn ferns as well. Hawaiian gardens have long been famous for their vast array of orchids and other showy flowering plants. Ferns, on the other hand, don’t get top billing in most landscapes even though they were probably the first vascular plants to make Hawaii their home.

Shinto festival carries on centuries-old tradition in Japan

CHICHIBU, Japan — As fireworks light up the winter night, scores of men, women and teenagers crying “washoi, washoi” haul the last of six towering, lantern-covered floats up a small hill and into the town center, the culminating moment of a Shinto festival that has evolved from a harvest thanksgiving into a once-a-year meeting between two local gods.

Island Life: 12-03-19

The 18th annual Thanksgiving Interfaith Concert was held Nov. 26 at the Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity. Over 200 people attended and 11 different faith groups from Kona participated. Canned food and monetary donations — 253 pounds and $307, respectively — were collected for the Hawaii Food Bank.

To save Everglades, guardians fight time – and climate

FLAMINGO, Florida — Grabbing a clump of vegetation to steady herself, Tiffany Troxler gingerly slides her feet along the makeshift boardwalk as she ventures out into the marsh. The boards sag, dipping her up to her knees in the tea-colored water.

Help-yourself breakfast buffet makes it easy on host, guests

Let’s say guests are staying with you for some part of the holiday. You’ve planned a beautiful, robust holiday dinner. You’ve even been prescient enough to make a big batch of soup and buy a graze board’s supply of cheeses, charcuterie, olives, etc. for a casual midday meal. You’ve made the beds, laid out fresh towels, remembered to bump up your wine reserves.