Hawaii Ulu Cooperative wants to see breadfruit on your plate

On a recent visit to the Hawaii Ulu Cooperative, I was struck by the wealth of information that employees Rebekah Zornes and Chelsea Edinger offered. They work in order fulfillment and sales and are excited about the coop and their products. We perused their large freezers and refrigerators full of their main crop, breadfruit, but also stocked with sweet potatoes, kabocha squash, taro and avocados.

Global warming means palms in surprising places

A visit to Hawaii is the treat of a lifetime to millions of people a year, and many folks who come are friends or relatives of those of us who live here. One of the highlights for them is to experience the lush tropical gardens and forests that are unlike any place in the continental United States.

Public libraries to observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The problem with problem sharks

The war on sharks has been waged with shock and awe at times. When a shark bit or killed a swimmer, people within the past century might take out hundreds of the marine predators to quell the panic, like executing everyone in a police lineup in order to ensure justice was dispensed on the guilty party.