Style at Home: Create a cart that raises the bar

The sun is out, the sky is clear, and things are starting to feel normal again! After the crazy and isolating year we just endured, it is wonderful that we are able to start gathering together again in time for the summer.

After pandemic hunkering, the art of reopening your home

When COVID put an abrupt halt to social gatherings, many homes were reconfigured to encompass school study areas and home offices. Now that pandemic restrictions are easing, there is a gentle art to opening your home again to guests who (like hosts) are out of practice and grappling with a somewhat changed social terrain.

Urban forests keep Hawaii green

Urbanization of Hawaii is impacting Kona and Hilo, but Puna, Kohala and other population areas are showing signs of construction and a trend toward removing trees.

Island Life: July 17, 2021

The day after the Fourth of July, the sky produced another spectacular show on the Kohala Coast. (Susan Grant/Community contributor)

Island Life: Java sparrow

A Java sparrow (Lonchura oryzivora) perches on a lanai railing in Kailua-Kona in June. (Reiko Sekine/Community Contributor)

Gretchen’s table: Grilled lamb chops with minted peas

Hamburgers and chicken are popular choices when it comes to cooking on the grill. Both are relatively inexpensive, can be dressed up or dressed down with various toppings and sauces and don’t take a whole lot of culinary prowess to get a great summer meal on the table.

Honey, sage enliven a Greek pork skillet braise

The Greek island of Ikaria is renowned for its flavorful honey, enriched by bees that traverse rocky hills covered in wild herbs. The honey’s complexity is one reason local cooks lean on this ingredient for both sweet and savory dishes, such as a skillet-cooked pork made for us by Popi Karnavas, chef and owner of Popi’s restaurant.