Design Recipes: Modern country

From slipcovers to painted floors and reclaimed wood, no clear style may define what some consider “country-inspired decor.” But infusing country elements with a modern edge is becoming more popular in the design world. The result is furniture that is often handcrafted by artisans as well as decorative elements that are often vintage or even salvaged.

Waimea Bon-yu Kai Bonsai Club exhibition coming in May

Waimea Bon-yu Kai Bonsai Club (which translated literally means “Bonsai Friendship Club”) has begun to settle back into its normal operations. Last year, after a 3 year hiatus, they were able to hold a small exhibition at the Waimea Community Center (Route 19, next to Waimea Park). This year it will be a little larger. Saturday and Sunday, May 27 and 28, 2023, 9a.m. to 4p.m.

Vegan sushi is booming. This dancer makes the most swoon-worthy in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — Growing up in Saitama, Japan, Yoko Hasebe didn’t dream of sushi. From the age of 7, she studied ballet and later jazz dance at the Nihon University College of Art in Tokyo. Fate brought her to California and a series of jobs at Japanese restaurants, where she found her way into the kitchen, rolling maki alongside sushi chefs such as Kimiyasu Enya at Enya and Morihiro Onodera of Morihiro.

The key to making easy sushi at home? Throw a hand roll party

All you need for a hand roll party at home is a big bowl of sushi rice, a tall stack of nori (dried sheets of seaweed) and any fillings and condiments you want. Fresh, crunchy vegetables are excellent with sushi rice, and so is leftover carne asada or potato salad — with soy sauce or salsa macha, or sprinkled with nuts, or topped with fruit. Really. I’ve learned that I don’t have to be a traditionalist — or a perfectionist — when it comes to making hand rolls at home. Another plus: The only thing to cook is the rice.

Let’s Talk Food: Napa or Chinese Cabbage

Napa or Chinese cabbage, Brassica rapa var. Pekinensis, is also called Chinese white cabbage, celery cabbage, or Peking cabbage. “Napa” comes from the Japanese word for “leaves,” but in Japan it is called “hakusai.”

Plant of the Month for May 2023 – Hoya

Hoya is a plant that exists slightly under the radar. Its beauty is a bit understated. Most plants in the Hoya genus are slow growing epiphytic succulents with lovely small, waxy flowers that grow in clusters and are delicately fragrant. Devoted hoya lovers are often rare-plant enthusiasts who take pride in their plants and may collect many varieties. The rest of us, find the plant attractive and interesting and may want to include a few in our garden or in our homes.

Kona Orchid show and sale more than just orchids

Mothers Day is next Sunday so the Kona Orchid Show and Sale is a great opportunity to find the right gift for that special lady. The Annual Sale will be held at the Old Kona Airport Park Pavilion, Saturday, May 13, orchid growers from around the island will bring new and exotic orchids seldom available at other times. Also local crafters will be there with pottery, ceramics, real flower jewelry, nurturing gemstones, plus an abundance of fruit trees and other garden plants.

Style at Home: Designer bed roundup

I’ve always been inspired by the possibilities of fabric. From one bolt and a little imagination can emerge curtains, an ottoman, pillows and a duvet. Every month, we feature bedding designs brought to life by our design team. It isn’t magic, though — some real work goes into making design dreams a reality.

Design Recipes: Appealing to the senses

Homes have a scent — only sometimes intentionally. Depending on the situation, they can attract or repel. Appealing to the senses, specifically a sense of smell, can be easily achieved, especially for those looking to do so naturally.

Stir-fried rice noodles with beef and broccoli

Often made with easy-to-find, everyday ingredients, noodle dishes are both wonderfully economical and oh-so versatile. Noodles also make for great stir-fry, as Milk Street’s terrific new cookbook, “Noodles,” makes clear. One recipe that immediately caught my eye was a stir-fry combining thinly sliced flank steak with broccolini and rice stick noodles in a soy-garlic sauce.