Family raises more than $600 for children’s hospital

Shane Hanley and his son, Tristan, who live stream Dungeons & Dragons on YouTube for a show they call Saturday Morning Wartoons, raised more than $600 on Dec. 26, 2020, for Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.

Want a dish that keeps on giving? Roast a chicken

For the amount of time I have spent in the kitchen, one would think that roasting a chicken would be old hat by now. I should have dozens of roasted chickens in my culinary past. Sadly, until last year, I could count the number of chickens I’ve roasted in my lifetime on one hand.

The words that shaped the way we ate in 2020

There was a lot to swallow in 2020. Our plates have been too full, as we chewed on now-commonplace terms like personal protective equipment, contact tracing, quarantine, social distancing and essential, or front-line, workers. All the while, the liquid pleasure in our glasses has needed refilling, perhaps with more frequency than we’d like to admit.

Can you help identify this photo?

Inside Kona Historical Society’s Jean Greenwell Library &Archive is the Photograph Collection, which holds more than 50,000 images depicting such subjects as ethnic culture, geography, agriculture, religion, and education in Kona between 1790 and 1994. In this collection, there are several photos of subjects unidentified and shown entirely without context.

Cooking resolutions for 2021: Resolve to cook more good food by starting with simple goals

Speaking of home cooking, I was strolling through a cemetery the other day, the historic Graceland on Chicago’s North Side. Holy cripes on toast, you should see the monuments. This one dead guy, Potter Palmer — you’ve heard of The Palmer House Hotel? That’s him — he’s got an actual 16-columned Greek-style temple with matching sarcophagi for himself and his wife, who literally was named Bertha.

Composting and mulching to build healthy soils from scratch

The beginning of a new year and the death and destruction that occurred in 2020 teaches us that life in general goes in cycles. Madam Pele manifests this phenomenon as Kilauea erupts again. With thousands of acres covered with lava in the last few years, it is hard to imagine they will ever support vegetation again at least in our lifetime.

Plant of the Month: Firecracker plant an eye-catching garden addition

By now, you are probably tired of the pop, bang, boom of those expensive New Year’s fireworks down the street. Maybe you are ready to put a quieter, more attractive firecracker in your garden. Looking like a burning sparker, a firecracker plant can add an exciting visual effect to your landscape without the noise.