Around the table: A love story for Valentine’s Day

Cooking and sharing good food with friends, family, even strangers, is a special form of love. This has always been true for me, since realizing that I could making people happy through food – first cooking, then writing about it.

Peanut blossom cookies with a more robust peanut flavor

Peanut blossom cookies first gained notoriety at the 1957 Pillsbury Bake-Off. They’re simply a peanut butter cookie topped with a Hershey’s Kiss. We started with the original recipe and made tweaks to it with the goal of achieving a more robust peanut flavor.

Red Wine with Breakfast column: Toasting love birds for Valentine’s Day

Love lingers in the air this week as we raise a glass to Valentine’s Day. I’m thankful to work with my sweetheart, hosting a podcast and speaking engagements on wine and film with my husband, film critic, Gary Cogill. Likewise, dozens of winemakers produce stellar selections side by side with their one and only. Here are a few favorites, all available on Hawaii Island or through the winery website.

Garden shops feature bulbs to brighten spring

Garden magazines and garden supply stores are now featuring bulb advertisements and displays. Gladiolus, cannas, gloxinias, tuberous begonias, callas, amaryllis, and caladiums are just a few of the many types available.