Everything Books: 10-11-19

Kona Stories community bookstore offers many choices of book clubs. Groups meet monthly at 6 p.m. to discuss books of fiction, travel, memoir, classics or non-fiction. Book groups are free if books are purchased from Kona Stories or a $5 donation is appreciated. Bring a pupu or beverage to share and come prepared to discuss the following books. Kona Stories is located in the Keauhou Shopping Center in the courtyard shops on the KTA side.

Cogill’s movie review: ‘Ad Astra’ falls short of the stars

“Ad Astra” is a melancholy sci-fi road trip movie about a son in search of his father who just happens to be in far away space and the perilous journey to find him. It’s also a cynical view of future space travel as the moon and beyond is in the process of being colonized with tourists, fast food chains, and Holiday Inns.