K-Drama Weekly Update: 08-09-18

The South Korean film industry is getting a huge boost after a sluggish year with a sequel release of “Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days.” The original film, “Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds,” was filmed with the sequel at the same time in 2016 and the first film was released in Dec. 2017. The fantasy and action drama film saw much success, but the sequel has already surpassed 6 million tickets sold after one week. The movie is based on a webtoon by Joo Ho-min. Director Kim Yong Hwa using special effects has elevated the Korean film industry in the CGI area. The all-star cast of Ha Jung-woo, Cha Tae-hyun and Ju Ji-hoon make a great team.

K-Drama Weekly Update: 08-02-18

Three new drama series will start this week. Starting tonight, “Let Me Introduce Her” is a mystery, thriller and romance series starring Jo Hyun-jae, Kim Jae-won, and Nam Sang-mi. “Wok of Love” will end Monday night and a new series “Still 17” will start from Tuesday. “Your Honor” is the new series after “The Undateables” ends this Wednesday. “Your Honor” sounds very similar to “Switch” where two brothers who lead very different lives— a felon and a judge — with a felon taking the role of his missing brother taking the role of a judge.

K-Drama Weekly Update: 07-26-18

A few weeks ago, during a weekend getaway staycation to Kona, I was able to see for the first time with my own eyes, KBFD TV in high definition on the neighbor islands. KBFD now has a new channel statewide in HD on Spectrum cable; Channel 2 and 1002. Many have probably seen our half-page ads promoting the statewide coverage in HD in West Hawaii Today. We are also promoting our Facebook page KBFD TV and having giveaways on the social media. Please like us on Facebook for your chance to win a Korean drama DVD set with English subtitles. Our Facebook page will have detailed information on current dramas and other entertainment information.