Editorial: What’s past is prologue

The FBI’s search of and seizure of documents from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida is not only dramatic and serious, but unprecedented: no other former president has faced such an action. Yet Mr. Trump’s ability to survive and thrive politically on similar moments is also without precedent. Even when damaging evidence emerges, he has walked away largely unscathed in the eyes of his base, while the U.S. itself has been diminished. Nor has he yet experienced legal consequences for his actions in office.

Editorial: Bill Russell and Nichelle Nichols, American heroes

There’s a reason for the simultaneous mourning and celebration of the lives of a basketball player and an actress, both out of the public eye for years. Nichelle Nichols, 89, and Bill Russell, 88, were born during the Great Depression into a society that defined them as second-class citizens simply because they were Black.

Editorial: Kansas voters showed the nation how to keep abortion rights safe

In record numbers, Kansas voters went to the polls Tuesday and definitively told conservative state legislators to back off from trying to take away abortion rights. Voters across Democratic and Republican swaths of Kansas resoundingly defeated a ballot measure that would have amended the state constitution to remove the right to abortion.

Editorial: Audubon’s beautiful birds don’t erase his racist life

You don’t need to be a bird nerd to know that the name “Audubon” is synonymous with our feathered friends. Less well known is that John James Audubon was a slave-owning racist. That past should disqualify him from having his name attached to Seattle’s birding organization and every other Audubon society.

Commentary: The Pentagon can’t counter white supremacy

After the Jan. 6 insurrection, a CBS News analysis found that at least 81 of the more than 700 individuals charged in relation to the attack were current and former armed service members. In response, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin committed to addressing extremism within military ranks. But the Biden administration’s approach, which draws on a long and fraught U.S. history of targeted surveillance in the name of protecting national security, only risks traumatizing the same communities it claims to keep safe.

Editorial: Closing the electoral loopholes that inspired the Capitol insurrection

The House select committee hearings into the Capitol insurrection have established two facts virtually beyond debate: One, former President Donald Trump is culpable for what his followers did that day in support of his unprecedented attempt to overthrow a valid election. And, two, Trump’s scheme was aided by deep flaws in the federal statutes guiding the process of counting and certifying electoral votes.

Commentary: Everything is on fire. It doesn’t have to be

The Democratic Republic of Congo is home to one of the world’s largest rainforests, second only to the Amazon. Larger than Alaska, it contains a massive peatlands area that has trapped the equivalent of three years’ worth of global carbon emissions.

Commentary: A research initiative to stem gun violence

We see so many remarkable families whose loved ones have been silenced by bullets, stand before crowds and cameras and, despite unfathomable grief, plead for their fellow Americans to act out against senseless, preventable gun violence.