Eli Lake: The Kurds have paid dearly for Trump’s recklessness

President Donald Trump made one of his most reckless decisions last October, when he tweeted he was ending the U.S. mission in Syria, to the great surprise of his own government and at considerable cost to U.S. credibility. Now, nearly a year later, a United Nations report makes clear the damage to the Kurds and Arabs that America left behind.

Editorial: Dominoes of peace: Pieces of a new Mideast are falling into place

Buy one, get one free isn’t usually for treaties between nations, but it happened, so we offer high praise for President Trump, Jared Kushner and other key administration officials for engineering a pair of Israel-Arab peace pacts in less than a month, consummated on the White House South Lawn on Tuesday with signings by the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain with Israel.

Commentary: How far will Putin push?

In 2016, Russians sitting in St. Petersburg, pretending online to be Americans, organized unwitting people in the U.S. to create jail cell-like cages for volunteers who played the role of Hillary Clinton in an orange prison jumpsuit. These displays showed up at numerous rallies around the country.

Editorial: Can Americans trust any COVID-19 vaccine offered before Nov. 3?

That queasiness many of us are feeling these days isn’t the first stage of the coronavirus, it’s more likely a symptom of a gradual loss of confidence in the nation’s leading public health agencies under President Donald Trump. Week by week if not day by day for the past six months, President Donald Trump has promoted false hopes, quack science and snake oil in a manner more befitting a carnival barker than the leader of the free world. Think bleach and hydroxychloroquine or, more recently, convalescent plasma, which the Food and Drug Administration has authorized for emergency treatment of COVID-19 patients, although its efficacy remains in serious doubt.

Commentary: Labor Day 2020: Workers need power

Labor Day 2020 doesn’t have much for us everyday wage earners to celebrate. We’re struggling to pay bills and keep safe as COVID-19 runs its odious course. Our nation has bungled its response to the crisis, and we are paying the price.

Editorial: Congress must be clear: No doctored videos

It is disturbing enough that American democracy is being threatened by disinformation, the proliferation of which is facilitated by the shadier side of modern technology — phony websites, social-media bots, manipulated video and audio, digitally fabricated “deepfakes.” How painful to be reminded that among the bad actors spreading such chaos and division are prominent elected officials sworn to serve the public.

Editorial: Too many children are going hungry amid the pandemic

It’s hard to believe that America’s legislators, whatever their political leanings, would willingly allow millions of children to go hungry. Yet that is what’s happening during the Covid-19 crisis — and unless Congress acts quickly, the problem’s about to get worse.

Editorial: The US has to get serious about wildfires

California’s wildfire season is off to a brutal start. Through August, this year already ranks as the second most destructive in the state’s history, with more than 1.6 million acres burned. Sparked by lightning strikes and record heat, fires in Northern California have destroyed thousands of structures, wrecked air quality in the San Francisco Bay Area and carried smoke plumes as far away as Nebraska. With hot, dry weather likely to persist until November, the worst may be yet to come.