HPM Building Supply expands presence statewide

Fifth-generation, family founded HPM Building Supply recently announced its merger with Miyake Concrete Accessories Inc., which operates four building supply stores and one truss manufacturing plant on Maui.

Small Business Matters: COVID-19 fatigue

This has probably been the toughest year on record for most of us. You know the reasons. We’ve had wars before, past economic downturns have hit us hard, political crises we’ve all lived through, and personal crises and illness are the burdens of being human. But rarely before in our nation’s history have so many tribulations combined into perfect storms.

L&L opens in Pahoa

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue opened its 205th location at the new Puna Kai Shopping Center in Pahoa on Aug. 12.

How we’re going to spend CARES Act money

Imagine what would happen if a genie came up to you and said, “Here’s a pot of money for you. All you need to do is spend it by the end of the year. If you don’t, whatever you haven’t spent will disappear.” What would you do with it?

Unemployment tax in the nonprofit sector

Two weeks ago, we discussed the unemployment tax and insurance system and how employers are likely to be hit with a significant and automatic rate increase at the end of this year.