Tax Foundation of Hawaii: Thirty years of state tax, part 1

Q: The number 30 has been in the news a lot these days because of the telescope that’s supposed to be getting built on the Big Island. This week, we’re going to look at the past 30 years of state tax. To help me is our intrepid researcher, the Hawaii State Tax Watch Doggie’s wife.

Tax Foundation of Hawaii: Soft on crime because of the money

In the news recently was a stunning announcement by Justin Kollar, who is the Kauai County Prosecutor. State law says that for folks driving without a license or driving without insurance, heavier fines and more jail time apply to repeat offenders. He said that he has decided to prosecute all cases under his watch as first-time offender cases, no matter how many prior convictions the defendant may have or how quickly those priors were accumulated.

Tax Foundation of Hawaii: Withholding, the root of all evil?

Withholding is making someone who isn’t liable for tax, but who pays money to someone who is, responsible for collecting and paying the tax to the government. Employers, for example, must withhold federal and state income taxes out of wages paid to their employees.

Yoga Barre: Fitness for a Queen

WAIKOLOA — Yoga Barre, a new yoga and barre fusion studio with retail boutique and a fresh pressed juice bar, is coming to Queens’ Marketplace in Waikoloa Beach Resort.

Tax Foundation of Hawaii: The audit behind the special land fund

In this week’s spotlight is the Special Land and Development Fund, or SLDF, which is administered by the Department of Land and Natural Resources, the DLNR. Into that fund goes all land rents the state receives for land that is either leased or used under a revocable permit (such as those used by airport or harbor-based businesses).

BBB fighting Expedia scam

HONOLULU — A network of scammers is using Expedia Group’s name to take consumers for thousands of dollars, the Better Business Bureau reported.