Tax Foundation of Hawaii: HI-5 – Have we stopped the leakage yet?

Just three months ago, the Hawaii State Auditor released the latest in a series of reports over the years on the Hawaii Deposit Beverage Container Program, known as HI-5. That report, No. 19-08, basically said, “Look. We’ve issued four audit reports on the program, every two years beginning with 2013. In each of the reports, we rely on the distributors and redemption centers to be honest and police themselves. There is no verification or enforcement. You might think people are honest, but in three out of the four reports we found discrepancies, meaning either that distributors paid the fee on fewer bottles than they distributed, or redemption centers asked for and received more money from the state than they were entitled to.”

Welcome to the Jungle

KALOKO MAUKA — A few weeks ago while my Dad was visiting the island, we had the opportunity to take a private tour of the Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary at the invitation of the owner, Norman Bezona, and his partner Voltaire. It was a serendipitous thing, actually. My dad loves animals so I took him by the Kona Humane Society for a quick fix. Inside, we ran into Voltaire, feral cat trap in hand, who insisted we come up for a visit. I’m so happy we did.

Tax Foundation of Hawaii: Gut-n-replace 2019

This week we’ll discuss a couple of examples from this legislative session of the controversial but commonly used technique called “Gut and Replace” where a bill is amended so much that it looks nothing like its former self.

Kona Miss Hawaii named scholarship CEO

KONA — The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, Hawaii’s oldest food festival, announced the appointment of Jeannè Kapela as its new Miss Kona Coffee Scholarship Competition executive director.