Landowner testifies in HPP house snafu case

A California woman being sued by a developer whose contractor erroneously built a home on her lot in Hawaiian Paradise Park testified in court Friday that monetary damages are not what she is seeking.

How immigrant workers in US have helped boost job growth and stave off a recession

MIAMI — Having fled economic and political chaos in Venezuela, Luisana Silva now loads carpets for a South Carolina rug company. She earns enough to pay rent, buy groceries, gas up her car — and send money home to her parents. Reaching the United States was a harrowing ordeal. Silva, 25, her husband and their then-7-year-old daughter braved the treacherous jungles of Panama’s Darien Gap, traveled the length of Mexico, crossed the Rio Grande and then turned themselves in to the U.S. Border Patrol in Brownsville, Texas. Seeking asylum, they received a work permit last year and found jobs in Rock Hill, South Carolina.