Letters to the editor: 03-07-18

Letter full of mistakes

Teachers and students throughout Hawaii should thank that Ph.D fellow from Pahoa for that great classroom exercise — all those errors of his to spot and correct.

As Sammy Amalu might’ve said (no guarantee): Don’t matter all your apples. When they mostly rotten you got no case.

Frank Schulaner


Title doesn’t mean a thing

The March 5 letter from Robert G. Roosen titled “Hawaiian missile fiasco: …” demonstrates once again, whether Ph.D or president, one can still be a racist.

Ken Weber


Vacation rentals make loud neighbors

Families and retired people live in my subdivision. A business such as a vacation rental should not be allowed in such a neighborhood. Retired people deserve peace and quiet, and families need to get some sleep at night so they can get up at 5 a.m. to get ready for work.

Vacation rental people don’t care about their neighbors, they are here to have a good time. They come and go at all hours of the day and night, car doors slamming, car alarms going off, and lots of people talking. Traffic has gotten really bad because each house gets at least two cars and then the cleaners and the workers get the houses ready for the next batch of people. It’s just not right!

Melanie Denzler


Don’t give platform for filth

This is in response to your publishing the letter from a Robert G. Roosen, Ph.D, of Pahoa in regards to the Hawaiian false missile alarm.

I do not comprehend why you felt the necessity of putting his views in the paper. I understand the belief to have all points of view expressed, but his thoughts and words are pure unvarnished racism, bigoted and intended to spread hate and divide all people — not just here in Hawaii, but across our great country.

His signing his filth with a title after his name is supposed to give some credence to his venom?

We all are better citizens and neighbors if something like this crawl-back-under-a-rock-deviant was totally ignored, and when it surfaced among us — shut down and condemned immediately.

Dennis Harris


Do better, WHT

I was stunned to read Robert Roosen’s racist comments in the March 5 West Hawaii Today. I enjoy an intelligent debate, however his pseudo-intellectual, racist, history-bending diatribe went beyond what should be published in a public forum.

Maybe he should submit his offerings to the KKK, or some other white supremacist group, where his ideas might be accepted.

WHT, please refrain from publishing letters that are beyond the pale, and an insult to civil society. We can do better.

Lesley Woodward