Letters 12-12-13

Why can’t muffler law be enforced?


Why can’t muffler law be enforced?

Why does the Hawaii County Police Department make no attempt to enforce a state law?

The specific law is: “All motorcyles and mo-peds must be equipped with a muffler designed to limit excessive and unusual noise, and it is unlawful to modify a muffler in order to amplify the noise emitted by the motor.” Pretty clear, don’t you think?

Why is it OK for a few to openly flaunt the law and negatively influence the quality of life for all with this excessive noise pollution? Obviously it’s not all motorcycle owners. Harley Davidson Inc., The American Motorcycle Association, the Motorcycle Rider’s Foundation and the Motorcycle Industry Council have all worked hard for years to get the word out there to “pipe down.”

Our recent Toys for Tots parade of cycles is just an example of how callous the police are on this issue. They provided escort for illegal bikes, emitting excessive noise. Good job boys in blue.

The Toys for Tots program was started by the Marine Corps in 1948 and partners with the Salvation Army and has done a tremendous service for children and families at this time of year. I am not criticizing them. I and many like me, make an annual donation and we don’t need a narcissistic, obnoxious parade to announce our charity. A few Harley riders need to clean up their act, and maybe the chief of police can explain why he makes no effort to enforce the law or at least stop aiding lawbreakers.

Gary Hattenburg


How do we detect undetectable guns?

So Congress is going to outlaw undetectable guns. How are they going to find them?


Ken Obenski