Letters 12-28-13

Signs around harbor questioned


Signs around harbor questioned

Some months ago a group put up at least a dozen small handpainted signs encouraging people to respect the ocean and its creatures at and around the Honokohau Small Boat Harbor entrance. Just one of the many problems is they placed them in the tide area in the rocks. Well, the storm that took out the Puako boat ramp, also took out those signs that ask one to respect the things in the ocean. I did recover one; it was made from treated plywood.

Now I must ask: How is it respecting the ocean by placing painted, treated signs in a winter storm surge area respectful of the ocean? One more question begs answering.

Where does the state Department of Land and Natural Resources stand on this matter? Can I just put up a small sign on state public lands? There are plenty of laws restricting everything else but not this.

Richard Beeson


Obamacare will be good for the masses

I have several questions and comments about Mike Lawler ‘s letter titled “Obamacare benefit” in the Dec. 25 issue. In his letter, he thanks President Barack Obama for his opportunity to get recent surgery in California ahead of a “poor soul” whose insurance was canceled because of Obamacare. He stated that he was moved to the head of the line as a result of the cancellation.

I have a some questions for Mr. Lawler. First, how does he know the “poor soul’s” insurance was canceled because of Obamacare? Second, why was he placed at the head of the line instead of just being moved up one place? Were all the other people in line for his surgery also canceled because of their insurance?

Obviously, Mr. Lawler was not intending to show a benefit of Obamacare but to indirectly criticize the program. He doesn’t, mention that in the future insurance cancellations because of pre-existing conditions or other any other reason involving health care will be prevented by Obamacare. He calls the person who was canceled a “poor soul.” Does he care about the millions of “poor souls” who have had their health insurance canceled in the past at the convenience of the insurance companies? Does he care about the millions of “poor souls” who couldn’t afford insurance, that will now get health care because of Obamacare? Does he care about the millions of “poor souls” with pre-existing conditions that will now be able to get health insurance because of Obamacare? I think not.


Jerry Smith

North Kohala