Letters 1-16-14

Schools need more dedicated educators


Schools need more dedicated educators

Thank you for your article about the possible loss of the full-time librarian at Konawaena High School. I am aware of the good work Wally Plaut is doing there and believe that he should be supported, not cut back. Your article pointed out that he has raised more than $250,000 in grants for the school and it would be very short-sighted for the administration to cut an employee who has the ability to raise so much money in order to save a small amount in reduced salary.

Students who go to Konawaena tell me that Plaut goes far beyond the call of duty to help them with homework, research, and help with special projects. One student told me he was going to drop out and get a job until Plaut helped him figure out how to work and go to school at the same time. Another student I know, a junior, is taking courses at the community college with the help of Plaut. Our school and our community need more dedicated educators like Plaut, not fewer.

Matt Binder


Visitor disappointed that course is closed

We usually spend the winter in Waikoloa, but this year we are in the Keauhou area. What shock to discover that the Kona Country Club, its clubhouse and restaurant are completely closed. The ocean course is being maintained. The mauka course is going to seed.

Residents claim the owners plan to reopen in April. We hope so, but this “closed for renovation” gambit is often used to keep the creditors at bay, and sometimes reopening doesn’t occur.

Of course, we still have a beautiful course makai of Costco, nicely maintained by county tax dollars for the last three or four years, but not yet open.


Kurt Engelstad