Letters to the editor: 02-20-18

What rental proof is out there?

In all the discussions regarding vacation rentals, no one has cited any proof that reducing vacation rentals would expand the local housing market. In my opinion, were restrictions to be placed on vacation rentals, some, if not most, owners would remove their properties from the market entirely.


Stories abound of appliances being removed, cars abandoned, trash piled up, and worse. Driving in the neighborhood turns up two examples.

We rented for two years; thought we were getting a family with no pets. Instead, we had dogs, a garage full of fleas, a $371 water bill due to someone running over a standpipe and ignoring it.

Oh, I didn’t mention the holes kicked in the sheet rock. Bombing the house (twice) reduced the cockroach population and resulted in one and a half gallons of dead bodies.

Just remembering my legs turning black from all the fleas is enough to remind me to never rent out my house again.

Harvey McDaniel


Good job, WHT


Your proposed policy to stop naming alleged perpetrators of horror incidents is commendable! An honor to be a West Hawaii Today subscriber.

Gail Anderson


Poem reflects nation’s mood

I will never see a flower in her hair.

No clashes over curfew.

No arguing about mall trips,

skirt length,

too much makeup,

too slick boys.

No charged silences

broken only

by the ring of an incoming text.

No sass, no backtalk

followed by a quick hug

and a “see you later.”

No shopping together

for a prom dress

or heels.

No laughing

at the salesgirl so hungry

for a sale.

No laughing,


Grief has no edges.

No shelf life.

No breath.

They say it’s too soon to talk about it.

Offer thoughts and prayers.

Perhaps they will help me


a dress




Carol Alena Aronoff

Captain Cook

GET wise about the general excise tax hullabaloo

The County of Hawaii has proposed Bill 102 draft 2. There have been public meetings at various locations and a hearing is scheduled today, Feb. 20, in West Hawaii Civic Center. If this proposal becomes county law, all business transactions would add 4.5 percent to our purchases.

The revenue will provide funding for improving the county transportation infrastructure system.

Some opinions say yes. It would fund improvements necessary to sustain public transportation facilities and operation of the system. It would free up monies in the general fund.

Some say no to the tax increase. They say it is regressive. That means the additional tax would hurt the poor people.

Is it a simple yes or no answer? After understanding the implications, one can personally say yea or nay to the County Council.

I have heard at the Yano Hall meeting attendee complaints about roads not being kept up. I have heard complaints about inadequate public bus service.

I have heard attendee complaints about salary enhancements of the mayor and his directors.

I have heard complaints about people not paying required land use taxes such as bed and breakfast or vacation rentals fees.

These assertions tell me there are problems of revenue collection and budget administration.

The passage of Bill 102 would not assure that mobility and safety would be better. The non-passage would not necessarily make things worse.

Either way, county policies or practices have to be reexamined for purpose and need. We need to tell our government incumbents and successors to be introspective.

Look into their hearts and minds for the sake of all who live on or visit the Big Island.

Harold Murata


Applauding WHT

I have said for a while, just don’t publish the killer’s name. No pictures, no bio, etc. I think the gory for glory is part of the problem.

And, of course, mental illness and the fact we allow assault rifles to be sold to individuals. Hey, I grew up hunting for food but an assault rifle has nothing to do with that.

I applaud you going forward not to add into that fame and fury.


David Hirt

Waikoloa Village