Letters to the editor: 03-10-18

Let fools show true selves

I agree with Donna Beumier’s letter: “Maybe not a mistake.”


She’s correct that fools set themselves apart from the wise. They will isolate themselves and gather only other fools.

Let them speak. Proverbs 17:28 says it best: “Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.”

Dennis Lawson


Zero excuse for unprintable letter

The letter to the editor by Robert G. Roosen, which stated extremely racist remarks toward Japanese-Americans, should not have been printed in the newspaper.

During World War II, the 442 Regimental Combat team, which consisted mostly of Japanese-Americans, was the most decorated unit, while most of their families back home in America were “captured” in concentration camps. Those captured Japanese-Americans’ lands, business and family treasures were stolen, because many only had a few days to gather their belongings to turn themselves in to the camps.

After they were released from the camps, most went on to be successful members of our communities. Due to difficulties borrowing money from the banks for unknown reasons, many Japanese-Americans helped each other to overcome the difficult times.

My mother being Japanese-American, I was brought up by many Japanese ethics, which made me a better American. I passed those ethics on to my children, who are better Americans.

We all know there are racist remarks made and white supremacist-like people live in Hawaii.

However, to have those negative lies printed in the newspaper is sad. There should be no excuses for the “mistake.”

Kay DeMello


Prepare for yet another crash

I am worried.

Trump is wrong to raise tariffs and start a trade war.

These actions along with the Federal Reserve raising rates and discontinued quantitative easing and unloading bonds will cause a crash in the stock market. What we are seeing is a repeat of the causes of the Great Depression. Only this time the highs have gone higher and the lows will be much, much lower than in the 1930s.

I hope I am scaring you because then you might give your representatives a call, or the president himself, and demand that they cease this insanity.

Has anyone heard of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act? Take a look at it on Wikipedia. The conditions are nearly identical as we have today. More importantly, see what the result of that act was on American business and finance and jobs.

Trump has been warned by Gary Cohn what will happen. And yet, Trump persists. Jerome Powell and Wilbur Ross are Trump sycophants who seem to value power and Trump’s favor more than the health of the nation. Gary Cogn quit rather than be a party to this disaster. Smart man.

Is it time to buy a ticket to Argentina yet? We won’t know until the stock market tanks and the world refuses to buy American goods.

This does seem like a good time to buy foreign real estate, just in case.


Tom Beach