K-Drama Weekly Update: 09-27-18

The “finger heart” is often used by South Korean celebrities but now even main stream public and politicians also use the finger gesture as a sign of love. By crossing your thumb over the index finger, you create what looks like a heart. It’s one of those trends that caught on uniquely in South Korea. Recently, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was seen in a photo with the South Korean president Moon Jae-in with Mountain Paekdu in the background making the finger heart. The history of the finger heart is unknown and many celebrities claim they started the finger trend. Celebrities such as G-Dragon claimed he started the trend while Kim He-soo also climes she started the trend several years ago.

Tickets are still available for Taste of the Hawaiian Range gala

Tickets are still available for the Taste of the Hawaiian Range gala from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 29 at the Mana Christian Ohana hall behind Parker Ranch Center. Enjoy cuisine at 20 culinary stations featuring local, pasture-raised meats—beef, pork, goat and lamb — plus produce. Presale tickets are $50 at Parker Ranch Store or online at www.tasteofthehawaiianrange.com; ticket sales are limited to 500 and are $60 at the door if still available.

K-Drama Weekly Update: 09-20-18

South Korean President Moon Jae In visited North Korea for the Inter Korea Summit this past week. As part of the 52 member delegation from South Korea, K-pop idols Ailee and Zico went to Pyongyang to perform for the North Korean audience. This is the second time this year where South Korean musicians visited North Korea to perform. Among the delegation also included conglomerate executives from Samsung, SK Group, LG Group and Hyundai Motor Group. Ties between North and South Korea are warming up with recent summits, cultural exchanges and dialogue for what many see as a step closer to reunification in the peninsula.