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Letters | 7-10-14

July 10, 2014 - 12:05am

Politicians as much to blame as fish collectors

Let’s not forget the aquarium fish collectors as they deplete our ocean of beautiful fish. They are still out there vacuuming up the fish.

The collectors’ big plea is “Leave us alone to do our work.” But work must have integrity and worthy results. The taking tropical fish is not work — it is robbery and it hurts us all.

If fish collecting was a legitimate job, why would someone be so paranoid as to attack a fellow diver watching them work? I have watched my plumber, the gardener and teachers at work and not once have they ever turned and attacked me for watching them. Fish collectors feel so guilty they must lash out at people swimming by.

They are ripping off the colorful fish we all enjoy in that big fish tank of the sea. They are also taking the livelihood of everyone in the tourist industry, in the hotels, restaurants and shops. With no fish to see, Hawaii will be dropped as an underwater attraction and many tourists will stop coming here. The Internet transmits this information to millions of travelers. Much needed revenue for area families will be lost because of this.

Also, taking reef fish that tend the coral causes the coral to die — so where are the environmental impact statements? Where is the outrage? Politicians turn a blind eye to this.

Aquarium “fishing” is a sick, tacky way of taking the beauty and resources from us all.

There are two culprits perpetuating this underhanded “job,” the fish collectors and the lawmakers who, through laziness, continue to make it legal.

Collectors and politicians are accomplices in this crime against the public.

Dennis Gregory