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Letters | 7-22-14

July 22, 2014 - 12:05am

‘Pet friendly’ does not mean dog park

Waimea Outdoor Circle is proud to share with the community, Ulu Laau the Waimea Nature Park, located right in the center of Waimea. This is a park dedicated to Native Hawaiian plants and maintained entirely by volunteers and donations.

While the park is “pet friendly,” it is not a dog park and there is a difference. If you bring your pets to the park for exercise and to enjoy the beauty of open space, respect our county regulations by keeping them on a leash and picking up after them as necessary. It’s all about being a responsible pet owner. The Waimea Outdoor Circle wants to continue allowing our four-legged friends to visit the nature park. Help us by doing your share.

Cheryl Langtob

Branch President

Waimea Outdoor Circle

Carol Hendricks

Waimea Nature Park


Accepting PRP money astounding

For five minutes after I read your headline article July 15, I was speechless. All I could do was stutter, “What? How could they?”

How could three Hawaii County Councilmembers — Dru Kanuha, Valerie Poindexter and Greggor Ilagan — and three candidates — Robert Gonzales, Maile David and Tiffany Edwards Hunt — take thousands of dollars from a group that they knew to have committed numerous campaign crimes while viciously slandering former Gov. Ben Cayetano in the last election? Don’t they have any sense of ethics at all?

The group in question, PRP, was willing to do anything to get the Honolulu rail project approved and now it is doing the same thing with our garbage incinerator project.

Thank you so much to your reporter, Nancy Cook Lauer, for uncovering this outrageous behavior. I guess those ethically challenged politicians and wanna-bes who took PRP money didn’t count on getting exposed. It would be a shame if we get gipped into supporting a crippling boondoggle they way they did in Honolulu.

Matt Binder


Fleeing children should be welcomed

Can you imagine how desperate parents have to be to scrape together money to save their children from the dangers of their wartorn countries by sending them on a treacherous journey through several countries to what they consider safety? They have to travel through Mexico, which is also dangerous, because Mexico has no love for Central Americans. Many children do not complete the journey alive, and the ones that do and arrive in the United States are greeted by screaming crowds yelling obscenities at them, telling them to go home.

In Europe in the 1940s, many parents did the same thing. With heavy hearts, they sent their children off to other countries in hope for their safety. Those children never saw their parents again because they were sent to the gas chambers.

What has happened to America? A nation under God, they say. Where are all those “good” Christians? Shame on them, shame on us. This news will certainly paint a different picture of America to the rest of the world.

Christa Wagner