Letters | 12-31-15

Mahalo to all our county employees


Mahalo to all our county employees

Our quaint little village of Holualoa has been transformed into a safer place to walk and visit. Bushes and trees have been trimmed, our road damages from the torrential rain we experienced have been repaired by our county. Thank you sincerely for helping us.

Mr. Casuga and fellow employees, Mr. Gilman and fellow employees, we are truly grateful. Job well done!

Emi Ura and family


Just say ‘No’ to marijuana dispensaries

Upon reviewing recent editorials regarding procedures for medical marijuana distribution, it seems to me that all parties have it wrong. Hawaii County Councilwoman Margaret Wille is opposed to Oahu-based rules, rightly so, in my opinion.

She calls for county control with a “Not In My Back Yard” exemption for certain areas (such as North Kohala) where she feels that a “drug problem exists.”

She is right – a drug problem exists. This is due to the illegality of marijuana (which creates black markets) and is the major reason for the so-called “crimes”. My solution is simple – no regulation at all. I believe that the legalization of medical marijuana was enacted to help the needy, not to line the pockets of the greedy. Greedy politicians, once adamantly opposed to marijuana, are now embracing it.


The answer is money.

They begin rationalizing their theft from their own constituent citizens by making up stories about how government services will be burdened by the legalization of marijuana. Say what? Give me facts, not suppositions. Aren’t we, as a society, spending more government resources presently? Aren’t we wasting money with the enforcement farce that is currently going on? I believe what Hawaii needs is another Johnny Appleseed (the guy who planted apple trees through Ohio), this time to scatter marijuana seeds all over the Big Island.

If so, I predict that, by the end of the first harvest, just about every marijuana-related problem will simply disappear.


James Donovan