Letters to the Editor: 11-3-2016

Kenoi verdict unjust


Kenoi verdict unjust

This verdict is a travesty of American justice. The prosecution softballed the case. They were a joke. This corrupt, cronyistic system wins again.

Tom Helgeson


President should sit this one out

Well, I thought I was all over being upset about this soap opera political campaign. But I guess I’m not. Today, I watched the sitting president, who has lied to protect Mrs. Clinton, singing her praises. I personally don’t like the woman, but that aside, I believe the president should not be campaigning for her.

Nor do I believe he should be campaigning for any candidate. He has a job, he works for the citizens of this country, all of them. He should be doing the work of the people. He is on the payroll and Republican, Democrats and Independents are paying him! Should I not be in favor of the person he is supporting, why should I be paying him? I shouldn’t!

A president campaigning for his party is a conflict of interest and he should barred from doing so!

Kenneth Brandt


Thanks for treating us equally fair

I want to thank West Hawaii Today and news reporter Cameron Miculka for doing a great job on the candidate interview for the State House 7th District race for the communities of Kohala, Waimea, Waikoloa and North Kona.

The article “Evans faces off against Coakley” dated Oct. 24 was well written and gave us both an opportunity to present our stand on issues facing our Big Island constituents. I am especially thankful as it’s not easy to gain name recognition that is so important in political contests today without spending huge sums of money.

Mahalo for your support of the election process.

Jeffrey Coakley


Do what’s right

We have $1 billion and our government so far has bad ideas on how to spend it.

If they looked around, there are lots of ways to spend it and everyone would benefit. Air conditioning for our schools, raises for our teachers, shelters for the homeless, more workers in Child Protective Services, so they know all the time what’s going on with kids in foster care and more workers to be sure our elderly are not being neglected or abused in private homes or in elderly centers.

Nobody seems to care that there’s no mental stimulation or things for them to do. They only care they get fed, are clean and have a bed to sleep in. We don’t have much faith in our government and I personally would love to see someone step up to the plate and do what’s right for everyone.

Holly Bell


Billy will like you more

Just as expected, Billy was found not guilty. Good for you Billy, but I don’t want to pay for all of your personal treats and your hostess boozing. All you good folks that like Billy please step up to the plate and show everyone what you are made of. You can support Billy by paying for all of his personal things that he likes to put on the county credit card. Treat him to a hostess bar to show your appreciation. Billy will like you more!

While you are at it, Wally Lau failed miserably in the mayoral election because he worked for Billy and not the people. To put it bluntly, Wally got soundly trounced. Now Billy and all his fans can help poor unemployed Wally!

I will bet that the new mayor Harry Kim is twice the man that Billy is at running the county and making good business deals without plying them with liquor. Also, I bet Mayor Kim uses his own money to pay for nice things for his relatives.


Ted Johnson

HiloWaikoloa Village