Letters: 12-29-16

Sometimes, world is sad


Sometimes, world is sad

I read the West Hawaii Today daily and take in every article, positive or negative. I was very happy to hear about the trial release of the alala. I was sad to hear of the setback for the three birds that didn’t make it.

I often think that Mother Nature has a plan of her own and some species of animals are meant to go. As humans, we try to intervene and save all the endangered species but in the end, we can’t fight Mother Nature.

I love all animals and birds and pray for a peaceful world where we can all live together in peace and harmony but in reality, our world, it doesn’t seem to be working out that way.

I cried when the monk seal was accidentally smothered by her mother after being lost for three days. We were on our way to go see her when we got the sad news. Once again, Mother Nature took over and we never got to see the pup. One day, hopefully during my lifetime, I hope the entire world can live peacefully without killing or mistreating innocent animals.

Colleen Miyose-Wallis


Speed reductions won’t help

Isn’t it known that without proper infrastructure, particularly in populated areas, you will have chaos? Referring to WHT’s article “Council pitches slow down” pertaining to traffic on busy Kuakini Highway, it was said, “this was always a problem and this is really a good thing.”

Reducing the speed limit on Kuakini Highway is akin to applying a Band-Aid to a bleeder that needs to be sewn up. It is the responsibility of the elected government to stay ahead of such problems. And where it is mentioned in said article, using the words “proposed Alii Highway extension” is a fallacious joke that no politician will go near. What the island is facing is simply a total lack of infrastructure and the inconveniencing of the commuters who have to travel that highway daily and now would have to begin their day a good 45 minutes earlier.


Hugo von Platen Luder