Letters to the editor: 11-08-17

About the Ragnar race


About the Ragnar race

I had the displeasure of seeing some of these runners in person. Driving up Hawi Road in Hawi at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday night, I encountered five runners at intervals on this road running down the middle of it in the dark in a rain storm with a light attached to their chest. There are no streetlights on this road.

This road has absolutely no shoulder; vegetation on both sides runs right up to the pavement. It is not safe to walk up this road in daylight; traffic will pass within one foot of the walker. How is it possible that the organizers of this race put the participants in such a dangerous position?

Tom Morse


Learn to tolerate

Hooray for Debbie McCoy. Her response to Linda Albers’ comments Nov. 5 are right on.

If Linda feels superior to our citizens in southern states perhaps she should look around. She is delusional if she thinks their education is inferior to that of Hawaii. Unfortunately, Hawaii isn’t the sharpest tack in the drawer.

My best friend of over 30 years and I have never agreed politically on issues or candidates. She is liberal and I’m conservative. So what? The difference is our friendship allows us to respect the other person’s right to their own opinion and we both vote.

In reading Ms. Albers’ rant, I feel sorry for her. It’s sad to turn off a large portion of our population. I would suggest she seek professional help with her anger issues and in turn learn some tolerance for those with an opinion different than hers.

Carole Zero


HMSA members beware

I called HMSA last week to go over re-enrollment and was told if I was keeping the same plan as in 2017 I did not need to do anything.

I looked at my plan online and it had gone up $106 a month. However, when I got a letter in the mail from HMSA stating that my enrollment would automatically renew on Jan.1, 2018, and I looked at the premium displayed on the back for 2018, it was $262 more a month than what was being displayed online.

So, I called HMSA and they said I did have to re-enroll because they had removed the Silver PPO 2500 and replaced it with Silver PPO 2000 and then decided to put back the Silver PPO 2500 as a choice. Are you with me?

That required me to have to re-enroll as if I was a new individual enrolling in HMSA in the same plan I had in 2017. My application is now being reviewed but I am extremely anxious as to what that really means. Will I have to pay more because I have pre-exisiting conditions? Yet, since we are all still under the Affordable Care Act umbrella, my guess is no.

Confusing to say the least.


Julia Adkins