Letters to the editor: 01-25-18

Huge waste of time?

Thank you, Mr. Johnson, for your instructions to the women who were marching Sunday.


I doubt I speak only for myself when I say one of the reasons we marched is because we’re tired of men telling us how we should act and what we should think. (And what we should do with our bodies.)

Phyllis I Hanson


Yeah, Bob, we’re into politics, too

If Mr. Johnson had attended the rally after the Women’s March last Sunday, he would have seen many female candidates for many political offices.

I hope he is not offended and has a thick enough skin to get involved in the local political process and actively support and endorse his favorite female candidates because there are many. And please remember to check out our current County Council members. There are six females!

Marjorie Erway


Anti-immigrant rant not befitting local culture

I read with interest Sandra Gray’s diatribe against immigrants (West Hawaii Today, Jan. 21).

Unless Sandra is the descendant of Native Americans, perhaps she should be packing her bags.

Dennis Brown


Pay raises unbelievable!

This has to stop. Take the first step, Harry Kim, and man up and be an example! Don’t take the raise and don’t support the additional excise tax!

An increase of this magnitude borders on the ridiculous. In the real world, raises are performance- and merit-based.

I can tell you that there’s not one person I talked to Sunday who wasn’t open-mouth, slack-jaw stunned at reading this.

Respectfully submitted, because I believe we should respect our elected officials, and I’m really trying to.

Vicki Penney-Rohner


Empower yourself with action

My aunt urged me to attend the Women’s March on Sunday. I looked up the purpose of the walk and saw that it started with protest.

The law of attraction states that we attract into our lives whatever we focus on. If a group focuses on promoting human rights, ways to do that open up. For years, I would make lists of dumb things men have done in history. I showed these lists to many people with no response. While in college I learned that identifying a villain isn’t enough. We must live our own standards.

Once you learned that male students would plop down where I was eating and yell “Did you realize what you said in class today?!” It was hard not to laugh. Power comes from within.

Griping about another person does not empower us. It identifies us as the victim. We need to take charge of our own life and move forward with strength.


Debra Zager

Ocean View