Letters to the editor: 01-31-18

Honokaa needs new industries

I am not planning to move from Honokaa soon, however, the economic and social realities of this dying town has many and myself a bit concerned, worried and frustrated.


First, it was Honokaa Family Pharmacy shutting its doors leaving the community without a drug store. Then, recently, Ignacio’s Auto Service closed, leaving the town without a legitimate auto repair establishment. Next, the longtime establishment of First Hawaiian Bank Honokaa branch will cease operations on March 23.

The above mentioned closures are really scary for the future of Honokaa that is definitely in economic and social limbo. Many citizens of the Honokaa area hope and pray that fresh new faces in the next elections show up for the area that definitely needs change and a shift in direction to more economic and social prosperity.

If the town of Honokaa remains in limbo, I will look for greener pastures to move to for drugs and crime is already too prominent in this cemetery-like town. Many have already moved to greener pastures. I say these people made a great choice of moving from this town for the future of Honokaa looks really gloomy. Also, I know of many people who are waiting till retirement and will then make a move to places like Alaska. Simply said, the area of Honokaa needs industries. That is the understatement of the millennium.


Dean Nagasako