Letters to the editor: 07-08-18

US immigration system tops

In regards to Anne Hamilton’s letter to the editor July 4, I entered The United States on a tourist visa. I followed the required steps.


I stayed in line in Los Angeles — noticing that I was about the only one with some knowledge of the English language — for hours. I lived with temporary official papers, unable for a while to cross any border; I received a Green Card shortly after. I obtained my citizenship at a ceremony in the courthouse of Newark, New Jersey. have been a terrific citizen since 1974. I just followed the rules of the U.S. Immigration System. No problem!

Catherine “Canoe” Gandilhon


Explanation leaves a lot unclear

I read Mikie Kerr’s column, “Why I write this column”(West Hawaii Today, July 6). And then I reread it. I had my wife read it. We have four master’s degrees between us so we are considered to have pretty good reading comprehension skills. Yet Mikie’s column is mostly incomprehensible. We had only three clear takeaways:

1. Other people don’t understand the constitution, but I do.

2. President Obama’s executive order regarding DACA is unconstitutional, but because she does not mention those approved by President Trump, presumably they are OK.

3. Because the courts have not ruled on the constitutionality of DACA, we know it’s the case because the Department of Justice says so.

She admits that “Of course, I am not totally unerring nor is my grammar flawless.” Ms. Kerr, you might consider finding somebody to edit your columns so they make sense.

Dennis Brown


Same ol’ arguments repeated

Reading the WHT letters is one of the most entertaining or disgusting things that I do. It totally dismays me that the anger that is thrown between the two principle parties (SIC factions), is rhetoric that falls on idle ears.

We have watched since the 1950s-’60s the same party line from the demagogues (oh, did I say Democrats) that has done nothing to change or fix the situation. We have the same issues that remain unresolved, but we tax the people to death and they keep voting you back in.

The other faction is no better. Redistributing the wealth to the already wealthy only divides our country. There is a solution that many (but, obviously not enough) of us independents and Libertarians adhere to. Vote the incumbents out!

You want change, you have to vote for it. Going to the polls and doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a change could be considered insanity. But we do it every two years, be it midterm or national elections. We have to look beyond what is familiar and comfortable and vote for change. Then if things don’t go right, we have a reason to gripe!


John O’Bannon