Letters to the Editor: 11-4-18

It’s the American way

Last year, I reassured TMT supporters that they would in fact get their telescope in spite of how the majority of keiki o ka aina felt about their beloved mountain. No, I do not own a crystal ball, I just know that anything that will create income to the state will get all the support it needs from our legislators and courts. It’s the American way which Hawaii has welcomed with open arms.


I am not a religious person but I do love my home and have watched it grow into something that has become more and more artificial in order to entice more investors to consume the little we have left. I will not argue that science is not important — it is — but sometimes even science should take into consideration the beliefs and feelings of the indigenous people of the land. TMT has an alternative, the Canary Islands, which appear to want this project, which is just as good a location as Maunakea but our state instead wants this investment for income, casting those who are trying to save our precious aina for future keiki o ka aina to be able to enjoy, worship and appreciate their home, heritage and pleasure in the real, rather than in history books.

I am sorry to say this, but to my brothers and sisters: get used to this. Big business, money and bought politicians are in charge, there is no room here for the working families trying to remain in our homes, trying to hang on to any aspects of our way of life as we know, and most of all being able to keep our children here in Hawaii instead of being forced off their home. In reality, there is nothing left for us. Seek no help from our politicians, both Democrats or Republicans who go to sleep comfortably with full stomachs and visions of sugar plums $$$ being given to them from their special group of donors. This is the American way, ask any native American or Alaskan — and now even our Chamorro have to deal with American disrespect to their history by desecrating historic sites for the benefit of a U.S. Marine base. They are luckier than us, they still have the ability to become their own republic, that is, of course, that America lets them. Yes, my friends, God Bless America, the greatest place to live, if you can afford it.

Paul Santos

Ocean View

Timing wrong for Constitutional Convention

Hawaiians will face a number of tough choices on this Tuesday’s general election ballot. One of these is whether to call for another state Constitutional Convention. While I would usually welcome such a democratic process as a golden opportunity to correct so many wrongs, I worry about the timing of such a convention now.

We live in a state that is being overrun with building and real estate interests as well as the interests of large estate owners. Meanwhile, the labor movement in the state and nationally continues to weaken after sustained attacks that go back to before Hawaii statehood to the vibrant labor movements of the 1930s. In those times, attacks on union organizers, like the ILWU and Unite Here, the harassment and mass arrests of Communist Party of Hawaii organizers were the norm. And this culminated in the FBI arresting the entire leadership of the Communist Party of Hawaii, who were simultaneously ILWU leaders. This and other antilabor measures, like the Taft-Hartley Act, have decimated the labor movement. This movement is in no present condition in 2018 to out-maneuver the building and real estate lobbies, who will only worsen conditions for working people.

So, I hope while we recommit ourselves to building a strong labor movement, one that organizers like Arthur Rutledge (Unite Here Local 5) and Jack Wayne Hall (Communist Party and ILWU) could be proud of, we will ultimately vote no on the Constitutional Convention.

Lowell Denny III


Celebration of life planned for Debby Wiley

The Wiley family would like to announce a celebration of the life of Debby Wiley, beloved wife, mother, and grandmother, to be held at 10 a.m. Nov. 24 at Lanakila Church. Service will be begin at 10 a.m. at the church sanctuary, followed by lunch outside the fellowship hall at 11:30. Please park in the lot north of the church sanctuary, across the street. We are requesting people carpool if possible, to simplify parking demands. This event will be open to the public.

After living with Alzheimer’s disease for over 10 years, Debby Wiley wandered from home again on May 13. Despite the incredible efforts of our friends and family, government officials, and surrounding community, Debby remains unfound. The Wiley’s wish to thank everyone who supported our search in so many ways. We are holding this event to bring closure to those impacted by Debby’s disappearance, and to celebrate the life of love she lived, which touched so many.

While we mourn the loss of our beloved Debby, we also marvel at the kind work of Ke Akua in allowing Debby to exit this world in dignity, on her own terms, while bringing together a community. It is our prayer that Ke Akua will continue to speak to those who are grieving, as he has so kindly guided this community surrounding Debby.


We look forward to celebrating with those who are able to join us on Nov. 24.

The Wiley family