Letters to the editor: 11-28-18

Let us go home already

Leilani residents, even those living right next to fissure 8, got to go home over a month ago. There is a manned barricade and the residents go back and forth.


Puna Geothermal Ventures gets to go back and forth to their property past a manned barricade on Highway 132.

All that Pohoiki residents have gotten is to look at a beautiful new road, finished three weeks ago, complete with a locked gate.

Now, even though the road has been finished for three weeks, Pohoiki residents are being told they have to wait unnecessarily until Dec. 7.

We get to wait in line with our moving vans, trailers and entire households with the rest of the general public, which will be invited to go out to a big county grand opening party at the beach.

This policy is definitely not pono, it is purely political and discriminates against certain landowners trying desperately to go home just like the rest of the evacuees were allowed.

Sara Steiner


Relax, letters to the editor are fun

Thank you for the come back on dogs and cats.

Every week I am stopped by those who read my letters who ask me to continue, as I am sure happens to other contributors, saying that they like being made aware of things versus being told what or how as some others have a tendency to do.

Anyway, it’s all a fun thing to me and I appreciate you printing my whatevers. Peace be with all, and mucho alohas.


Hugo von Platen Luder