Letters to the editor: 12-04-18

Shameful sentence for officer

In rendering his slap-on-the-wrist sentence to disgraced former police officer Jody Buddemeyer, Judge Melvin Fujino said, “No matter what sentence this court renders, it will never bring Jeff Surnow back. No amount of sentence should be equivalent to his life.”


What specious nonsense!

Of course we can’t bring back the cyclist that officer Buddemeyer killed. But we could send a message to the rest of the drivers out there — especially those who don’t care about cyclists or others — that this kind of behavior is wrong and won’t be tolerated.

Instead, Judge Fujino and the shameless jury that let Buddemeyer off with a misdemeanor said, “Go ahead. Drive like fools. Kill people. You can even lie and hide evidence. Don’t worry. We’re on your side, not the side of the victims or their families.”

It is a very sad day for the Big Island, and no amount of self-serving excuses can cover up this rank distortion of justice.

Daniel Hodel


Farewell to better man

We mourn the passing of President George H. W. Bush who passed away on Friday.

He embodied all that is great about America — first and foremost a family man who extolled the virtues of family values. Even though both houses of Congress were controlled by the Democrats, he was able to generate support on both “sides of the aisle” to pass important legislation. He was a compassionate and caring man who created positive relationships with almost all the nations in the world.

His party was not the Republican Party of today which does not represent any of his values. Good god, what happened? Our current president continually uses hate and fear to keep the allegiance of “his base.” He has alienated almost all nations of the world. Rather than seeking common ground with both Republicans and Democrats he has managed to offend members of both parties.

Good lord, what has happened to us?

Dennis Brown


Sewer fee forced on us

Hawaii Island has a shortage of medical doctors and an abundance of spin-doctors. The spin-doctors went to work on the youngest Environmental Management Commissioner at their recent meeting regarding sewer fees.

First, the chairman and the vice-chair held the poor guy down. Robert’s Rule book was kicked aside. The other commissioners sat bewildered while the Department of Environmental Management’s director twisted the young man’s arm two times. Finally, the operation was a success, but only after the new commissioner caved in. Then the spin-doctors extracted their sewer fee hike.

Now Bill 210 will go into a specimen jar and be paraded in front of the County Council.

The cheer will be: “Hooray for the environment — Boo on pollution.” Next patient please.


Jerry Warren