Letters to the editor: 01-08-19

Shut down Trump

Instead of a wall, the people of this country need a cohesive, functioning, working government!


I believe our current government and Trump have forgotten they work for all the people of the United States of America.

What happens to all the ordinary people depending on a government paycheck, and on Social Security, Medicare, etc.?

Trump must be shut down and locked out of the position he holds because he has shown he is totally unqualified for it.

Enough is enough, shut down Trump. Email, phone or send a postcard. Don’t wait to see what he will do next.

Let us make America tolerant and great again.

Lisa Christensen


Too crowded for development

As a resident of Pualani Estates, I am very concerned about the proposed development next to ours!

The impact in and through our residential streets will be more than these streets were intended to handle. The traffic on Kuakini Highway will be horrible; it’s already very slow during morning and afternoon “rush” hours! If this development goes ahead, many of our homeowners, including me, will probably sell and move away, and there goes the neighborhood.

Pualani Estates homeowners: Please rise up and fight against this unneeded development now!

Ron Raridon


Free not always free

I wish West Hawaii Today had completed the story about the family of six given a home at Kanaloa.

I’m sure they were made aware of the $1,076 monthly maintenance and the $300 per month taxes. In a perfect world, maybe they could sell it for $600,000 and get in a one-story home with a yard for those boys to explore. Just wondering.

Carolyn Mano


Park doesn’t need Congress

The article printed on the front page of the Jan. 4 WHT was an eye opener. Friends of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park need to be complimented for their aloha aina (love of the land). The thing that is hard to understand is the lack of dedication from the park’s regular employees. Is their paycheck the only thing that keeps them showing up for work on a daily basis? I can understand if the shutdown was permanent as one needs money, as in a paycheck, to live comfortably.

I would think that unless threatened with trespass, National Park employees would show up for work if only to just keep the park in prime condition. Of course, their examples in Congress obviously care more about the party than the people whom they have pledged to serve.

The Waimea Nature Park and the Waimea Trail in Waimea are both open and maintained by volunteers. The government shutdown has no effect on us and is probably why we function more efficiently than Congress, rain or shine. Maybe it is because many of us are retirees and really care about our island and community.

Do you suppose that the Friends of Volcanoes National Park, given more assistance, could more efficiently manage the Volcano Park because of their expressed aloha aina?


Leningrad Elarionoff