Letters to the Editor: 02-16-19

Why not halt sale of alcohol?

Rep. Richard Creagan wants to save lives by halting the sale of cigarettes by increasing the minimum age to 30 in 2020, 40 in 2021, 50 in 2022, 60 in 2023, and 100 in 2024. How about trying to save lives by halting alcohol sales to DUI offenders?


For the first offense increase the drinking age to 70. Second offense increase the drinking age to 85. Third offense or any offense involving an accident while driving drunk to increase the age to 120 because if they live that long they deserve a drink.

Vicky Halquist


Shame on you, DOE

Shame on you Department of Education. … You siphon off the big money of the taxpayers payment for education for your huge salaries … and the trickle down to teachers and infrastructure of facilities loses. A $500 rent incentive to stay in Hawaii is your answer? Give local districts the power and the money, and vote your asses out!!!

Richard Ricard


A lesson for Hawaii County

Will the Amazon NYC lesson be lost on Hawaii County?

Amazon announced this week it is canceling plans for a second headquarters in New York City. The Amazon statement (in part) read: “commitment requires positive, collaborative relationships with state + local elected officials who will be supportive over the long term.”

Despite public support for the Amazon project (57 percent vs. 26 percent), a vocal minority hijacked the process, and NYC lost 25,000 new jobs.

In Hawaii County:

Residents overwhelmingly support establishing a reliable, daily ferry service to Oahu (about 75 percent in several surveys). But, a loud minority shouts down the will of the people and intimidates our elected officials. This minority obstructs an urgently needed infrastructure development with judicial delay tactics.

The Big Island loses its only functioning dairy because positive, collaborative support from local elected officials is nowhere to be found. A tiny, but loud minority opposed the dairy, and the net result is that all Big Island residents will now pay an extra 50 to 75 cents for a half gallon of milk.

Hundreds of skilled construction, engineering, maintenance and research jobs linked to the TMT on Maunakea have been in limbo for years because a tiny, but loud minority has hijacked the process with delay tactics, and seeks to obstruct any and all development.

Our elected officials pay lip service to bringing new jobs and industries to Hawaii County, but lack the long term commitment and collaborative support necessary to make it happen. They “talk the talk,” but don’t “walk the walk.”


Kenneth Beilstein