Letters to the Editor: 03-12-19

Mahalo Hookena community

Mahalo to the Hookena community for hosting the fourth and fifth grade students from Hookena School at Hookena Beach on March 5.


Our efforts to protect and preserve the unique history and traditions of this special place we call home, was rewarded with an interested and inquisitive group of opio and their teacher who participated in this event with respect and gratitude.

Mahalo Nui Loa to Hookena Elementary School and everyone who participated and supported the Hookena School field trip sponsored by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and KUPA/Friends of Hookena Beach Park, a nonprofit community organization.

Damien Kenison


Quick response to pool closure appreciated

When the Kona community pool was closed two weeks ago due to equipment failure, along with many other regular pool users, the senior water aerobics group was displaced from its home of the past two decades three mornings a week in the shallow end of the pool.

However, the Hawaii County Department of Parks and Recreation staff and the pool lifeguards quickly came through with a plan and, thanks to their efforts, on Monday morning some 10 stalwart members of our group were able to restart exercise sessions at Konawaena Pool.

While we look forward to returning to Kona pool when repairs are complete, we thank them for the hard work and ingenuity that allowed us to resume the routines that help keep us healthy and able to enjoy life in West Hawaii.

Alan Silverman


Impatience with Mueller

On March 7, we reached the 777th day of the Trump presidency. Regardless of whether one is a Trump supporter, the fact that we have still not received a report from the special prosecutor is proof that “the system” does not work. Yes, the wheels of justice proverbially grind slowly but finely. Nonetheless, it is inexcusable that the public has no legal insight into the suspicions that our president may have actively sought and received help from the Russian federation in his election to office.

Think what this actually means. If you like what Trump has been doing, he has had to perform under a cloud of doubt and accusations for more than half of his current term of office. If you do not like Trump, even worse, you have had to live under the regime of a man who may have illegally obtained his office.

Do we really think it is fine that an “illegal president” can serve for at least half a term before he is reproved or, if innocent, is cleared? Obviously, the system is not protecting us efficiently and effectively.


John Sucke