Letters to the editor: 04-09-19

Tourism boost? Try cleaning

I read with disgust about $2.5 million being raised for tourism. You guys have it all wrong! All you have to do is clean up and correctly maintain our current tourist locations to get tourists here.


There are many areas which need improvement: beach bathrooms made sanitary, plumbing maintenance at each beach, easy road access to touristy locations, beach trash cleanup, street trash, pier infrastructure, homeless people who irritate the tourists, and eliminating foreign tourists from being injured by robbers and thieves. There are many more.

If Hawaii County would just make these areas functional and clean and inviting, that would be all we’d need to bring in the tourists’ money instead of the Hawaii Tourism Authority spending taxpayers’ money only to disappoint tourists when they arrive on our island. Tourists to this part of the world don’t require much in the way of entertainment, but they do desire the areas they visit to be accessible, safe, welcoming and clean.

Take some of that appropriated fortune to make the areas attractive to tourists. Then they will come.

One additional item I’d like to see, plant the makai side of Queen Kaahumanu Highway from the airport to town with colorful bougainvillea, like it used to be before the road was widened. It was a very welcoming site in the old days which should be restored.

Barry Willis


Take responsibility for your part

The story about the death of Fabian is another sad tragedy that could have been prevented, not only by those in foster care but mainly by the parents of this child. Why was he in foster care in the first place?

If people decide to have babies, they should step up and take responsibility for the life they are creating. If they are not able to do so, they should put the baby up for adoption right away and let those who want children to love and nurture him/her.

It’s too sad that in our sue-happy society, too often those who are the real ones responsible always try to take the easy way out and sue for easy money. It’s not easy to look at yourself and see that the fault was not that of others but the fault of the creator of the problem.

Colleen Miyose-Wallis


Too late for justice

The loss of Fabian Garett-Garcia was tragic. Now the parents want to sue. A little late in wanting justice.

Why did the parents loose Fabian in the first place? There was no justice in that!

Vicky Halquist


Plaque instead of name change

Regarding the state Land Board renaming Mauna Kea Recreation area after late-Senator Gil Kahele, how about another idea? The recreation area is named “Mauna Kea” for good reason. It tells you exactly where it is.

Most people will not know (or really care) who the devoted Gil Kahele was and it will do nothing for him as he is passed. It will be nice for his family who will eventually pass on as well. I suggest a fine and sizable plaque be erected at the park. It will give Gil Kahele the well-deserved recognition. It will cost less and keep the name Mauna Kea Recreation simple and informative.

Really, should each generation be so arrogant as to rename everything in their honor? Is it really all about us? It is time to think long term and maybe we will get somewhere.


Lloyd Dunn