Letters to the editor: 08-08-19

Lessons in Russian

With clear evidence that Putin’s efforts to undermine our election process are ongoing, at what point does our government react?


Trump has stated his undying love for Putin, and those who have turned a blind eye to this partnership are traitors.

When will our POTUS change our official language from English to Russian? He seems to be speaking the Russian language very well these days.

Make America what it was before this administration put it up for sale.

Steve Snyder


Well-earned award

The Babooz Award of the Year goes to Gov. David Ige for his not taking care of the TMT fiasco and yet still having the guts to blame his cowardliness on a hurricane that was never going to happen.

What a bloody shame!

Allan Stoffer


Both sides of their TMT mouths

Not having a pony in this TMT ongoing fiasco, a question still rises: Is this all shibi on the government’s part? Could it just be that Gov. David Ige and Mayor Harry Kim are speaking out of both sides of their mouth when it comes to settling TMT once and for all?

We can only ascribe to the fact that illustrious politicians are, simply put, skating the issue. What began as some Big Islanders protesting against TMT that was not put to rest immediately and has been allowed to be put on hold again and again, is now giving those opponents time to bolster their followers.

What now can be seen is festering anger that will explode should government finally take it upon itself to attempt to quell this ongoing rebellious situation. U.S. law says TMT is a go while Hawaiian law, wherever that is coming from, says nay.

Is black not black and white not white? Why the hold back?

As previously stated, could it just be that Hawaii’s government officials are beyond following the law that they were elected to uphold because of their lack of will? The more time given these TMT opponents the more time they have to congregate followers throughout the state and now even on the mainland that will have to be quelled much as in Third World countries. Seems like shades of the ferry debacle where the minority overruled the majority.

I see very sorry times ahead of us and the tourists, builders, and other industries that help to support these islands.

Roger Ruis


Weeping heart watches TMT slip away

There’s a line in the sand being drawn by the protectors and the promoters of the TMT issue. It is pitting friend against friend over an issue that shouldn’t be divisive.

I’m a 72-year-old torn between praying to live long enough to see the TMT built, and thanking God I won’t live long enough to hear the regrets and moaning from those who call themselves protectors. Protectors of what? Protecting us that want to learn about our universe the Creator made for all of us?

My heart weeps for those who do not know what they’re doing to the future of far more people than themselves.


Dennis Lawson