Letters to the editor: 09-09-19

Not protectors, bad faith actors

I have been waiting for an opinion letter like the one Sunday — about time. Mahalo, Teresa Tagon, you are spot on in your opinion.


I’m distressed, as a very longtime resident here, that my Hawaiian ohana has taken this stance at TMT. Why are they not helping the aina, their community, the keiki, and our elders? They want to take back the land and the state?

For what good? How would they govern? Cigarette and gambling taxes? We’d all need a passport to go to Las Vegas for one, jobs would be lost, tourism all but gone. We would be a third world.

It sounds like the people behind this want socialism and to be the ruling class of everyone. I’m tired of the big trucks and their flags. I thought in the beginning it was brave and noble — but they have ruined the cause and the effect is miserable for the majority of us here. I’m embarrassed by their actions.

And the anger they display is beyond comprehension — I was honked at the other day by a big truck with two very large flags and flipped off — me! An old lady who didn’t do anything to them! They were angry with a tourist driving too slowly in front of me and I am the one they cursed at — no aloha from these “protectors” and I’m disappointed in their behavior.

Get off the mountain, show some respect for our island (your home and mine) and join together as one. There are many needs here that you could address, your failing to do the smallest of things for others is the face of your campaign. No kokua from the protectors, which means they are not protectors, they are bad actors in bad and selfish production.


Aunty Anne Hamilton