Letters to the editor: 10-07-19

Puakea Ranch a good neighbor

We are homeowners at Puakea Bay Ranch. Our opinions were not correctly stated by West Hawaii Today when they printed “her and her neighbors almost all have the same concerns” on our behalf. No one has the right to speak for us and we do not appreciate the newspaper giving the opinion of 42 Lot owners based on a few with a vested interest or an agenda.


Traffic levels: We live on a highway. Whether the vehicles are going across the street or further into town it is the same number of cars.

Noise levels: We are not too far down the hill and we are not affected by any noise. There are far more sounds coming from cattle mooing and helicopters along the ocean.

Commercial business in ag: I would venture to guess that from the very beginning, ranch living included paniolo events, wedding and community celebrations, and multiple people staying on this site rich with local history.

Trespassing guests: I don’t see it mentioned that Puakea Bay Ranch is a gated community. We have a gate person who is paid to (hopefully) nicely direct people into our gate or away. For years we did not have a sign identifying our community which did not help matters.

Fire hazard: This sounds like a matter for a fire expert.

“This is not why we moved here”: We have our own issues inside our gated community that are not resolved per our CCRs such as open access to trails. That’s part of why we moved here.

Puakea Ranch is good for the community. It provides historical preservation, jobs, and fundraising opportunities for our community. In order to do that, there needs to be income.

Dana and Lowell Bostrom

Puakea Bay Ranch

Whose ethics, exactly?

Ethics? I read the article today concerning ethics. Seems to me that as the land that is in dispute was willed to become a source of exceptional education for the children of Hawaii. And as the owner was also a Christian, we may have an ethics issue here.

The old Hawaiian Kapu system was destroyed in 1819 by the people, kahunas and alii of Hawaii as false prior to the missionaries coming in 1918. And now the the mountain as being a holy place needs protection? And now is being protected by self-appointed priests of no known god?

On what basis is the mountain a holy place and by what authority? It is not owned by the so-called protectors nor has there been found any officially recognized spiritual authority to have any authority. And presently the mountain is being properly used as per the provisions of the will to educate the children and people of Hawaii and the world in advanced astronomy.

Seems this may be is a misguided sovereignty movement seeking funds and power for a hidden agenda? In 1819 this battle was already fought and won by the Kingdom of Hawaii for the freedom of the people of Hawaii over the old superstitions.


Ken Smith

Captain Cook