Letters to the Editor: 10-31-19

Good riddance, Tulsi

Thanks Tulsi for not running again, we true Democrats didn’t realize it would be so easy to get rid of you. Nice interview on Hannity for your next job on Fox Propaganda News. You deserve each other and Hawaii deserves a better representative.


I didn’t think you would go so low as to to criticize the House’s impeachment investigation into Donald Trump. You don’t have to worry, Tulsi, I guarantee you that in due time the American people will find out what the facts are, and what the evidence for impeachment is. Really, is that the best excuse you could come up with to betray your party?

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Marian Hughes


Look to the future

As a 17-year resident of the Big Island, I want to to express my wholehearted support for TMT construction. I believe that TMT enhances rather than desecrates this beautiful mountain and enhances rather than damages native Hawaiians. The ancient Hawaiians were stargazers which is how they were able to get to these islands in the first place. They were stargazing adventurers.

I believe TMT will help rather than hurt all Hawaii’s residents, including native Hawaiians, by producing high-paying jobs and economic impact which this island and especially the young people on this island desperately need. Astronomers believe Maunakea is the best place in the world to locate this powerful telescope, which will expand human knowledge of the universe and our place in it. We are lucky to be such a special place and we should use this advantage.

I understand the feelings of protestors, which are not really about TMT at all but rather Hawaiian sovereignty. They are upset that the U.S. with strong-arm tactics annexed Hawaii more than a century ago.

On the other hand, we need to look to the future not try to resurrect the distant past. Native Hawaiians are better off now than they would have been without this takeover in my opinion. Recall that human sacrifice, tribal conflicts, and the death penalty for offenses such as a commoner casting a shadow on an alii were part of that past. That past is not coming back. We should live in the present and look to the future.

Blocking access to TMT is against the law and, ironically, we the taxpayers are spending a $100,000 every day for police and security for the protestors in order to allow this small minority of the population to break the law. It is utterly preposterous and demonstrates clearly the lack of leadership and courage of our politicians.

This issue is simple: TMT spent millions over many years, jumped through all the regulatory hoops and even the Hawaii Supreme Court to get this legally approved. The protestors, who do not represent a majority of the population either on the Big Island or in the state as a whole, are quite simply breaking the law and doing so with the support of many gutless politicians who cave in to this highly vocal but small minority of our population.

In alI upcoming elections, I and the rest of the TMT silent majority in Hawaii will vote against any and all politicians who continue to allow this travesty.


George Wilson