Letters to the editor: 01-14-20

Good to see reporter’s work

I am so pleased that Cameron Miculka is still in the area and able to write such an informational article. It gives one hope that efforts are underway to address the issue of global warming, right here on the Big Island.


Jim Johnson


Complain? How about do something

Mr. Igor Levchenko admitted that he had no answers to the homeless problem on the island in his recent letter but he ignored the most obvious one while using a currently popular conservative tactic of using insults to describe the homeless as well as those who are trying to work on the problem.

He lamented that there is a homeless man named “Tito” who should be “looked after by mental health specialists” but failed to suggest who was going to pay for it.

As so many “Pollyannas” have been suggesting for years, one solution would be for people to stop griping and start paying for what they want. If Mr. Levchenko wants Tito to get help maybe he should offer to pay for his treatment. This way, rather than just complain, something might get done.

Short of Mr. Levchenko’s single support of Tito maybe he could suggest that money to solve the problem he perceives could be raised to help Tito and the other people that he suggests smell too bad to even walk amongst. Of course this means taxes and that is a dirty word amongst people who want something or everything for nothing.

Donald Trump, the current President Of The United States, regarding the fact that he pays zero in taxes to the US government, stated, “Well, that makes me smart.” I don’t know about others but my take from that was that the president thinks that anyone who does pays taxes in the US is stupid.

Stupidity has never accomplished much at all.

Jim O’Toole

Anchorage, Alaska

Music respectfully a part of Kailua-Kona scene

On behalf of the very happy and therefore typically non-vocal majority — prompted by musicians’ concerns about an increasingly regulatory-unfriendly live music environment in and around Kailua Kona — we are speaking out to express our appreciation for and dedication to the live music scene and talented musicians that distinguish this area.

Note in particular:

• Countless residents and tourists alike seek out live music of all genres along Alii Drive and elsewhere around Kona.

• The varied live music scene, featuring top-notch talent, sets this area apart favorably and draws people from all over, including those of us from all professions and walks of life who moved here in large part due to the easily accessible, joyful live music events in and around this community.

• This music scene is well-monitored and regulated so as to be consistent with the overall community scheme even for those who choose not to partake, although presumably those who opted to live around Alii Drive deliberately chose a lifestyle that encompasses activities inherent in this environment including traffic, luaus, parades, street fairs, Ironman, etc.

We are concerned that a vocal minority or other influences may fail to take into account the majority view, which is passionate about the music and our musicians.

This may have a disproportionately unfavorable impact on area musicians’ ability and motivation to continue supporting the community with their unique talents and hard work. We urge local community establishments, tourism/business bureaus, and other stakeholders to remain aware and informed about the breadth of talent we have here, and the associated positive impact economically and on the quality of life for the many residents and tourists who have searched far and wide to find what we have here in Kona.


Randi Val Morrison

West Hawaii Live Music Fans, Kailua-Kona