Letters to the Editor: 02-25-20

Quelling the traffic flow frustration

The Hawaii Tribune-Herald reported Feb. 19 on the trials and tribulations of traffic management by the County Council and County Department of Public Works, Traffic Division. The council is responding to the concern of its constituents. And, now the Traffic Division is faced with the quasi conundrum of working with an inadequate highway infrastructure system and its facilities. The essence for now appears to be: Fix the traffic flow frustration.


Councilman Mathew Kanealii-Kleinfelder and Councilwoman Rebecca Villegas now decry the current sordid traffic flow, which was influenced by past nonactions or poor decisions.

Many decisions or lack of were made by past responsible officials of the county and state.

They decide on where and what is needed. Responsible transportation professionals further refine that at their pleasure without public input during the project planning process. However, after their decisions are made, they then ask for input through the environmental review process.

This type of decision making makes the autocrats and the advocates happy. Mysteriously, the general public participation is cleverly limited.

The highway infrastructure system was further aggravated when a few years ago the state Department of Transportation decided not to build new roads. They promised to keep the existing facilities in good condition and maintain the roads for safe operation. There are no plans to improve major intersections to increase capacity flow. Better circulation is a real challenge to traffic professionals and concerned drivers.

The current task for the Hawaii County Traffic Division is to adjust the traffic signals for some relief while the long term plans are in progress. The task for all others who are interested in a functional highway system is constant vigilance. Contribute workable ideas and agitate the responsible when needed.

Harold Murata


America’s best economy ever

I am coming straight out and saying, I’m truly a supporter of the Honorable President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump. Under President Trump’s reign, this great country of America has realized the best economy in the history of the union. Even Toyota invested 391 million in San Antonio to produce vehicles.

With President Trump helping create America’s strongest economy ever, why not re-elect him so the United States can become even greater in its socioeconomic fabric. Hawaii people got to wake up. A stronger economy is definitely better than Bernie Sander’s Socialist ideology where government owns and controls everything. Enough said.


Dean Nagasako