Letters to the Editor: March 26, 2020

Kupuna need protection

My wife and I — both in our 70s — went to Costco for the kupuna shopping hours on Tuesday morning. We optimistically arrived at 7:30 a.m., anticipating a wait before the doors opened at 8, but not expecting the mob we found: a line that stretched along the makai side of the building all the way south to the loading docks and then doubled back toward the gas station. I’d guesstimate at least 300 people of all ages.


A sign posted at the entrance indicated only those age 60 and older would be admitted during the special shopping hours, so perhaps those younger expected the queue to take until the regular store hours for them to reach the front door. The majority seemed to be in good spirits, but the edginess of the times came out when there was some cutting in line (especially as it snaked around corners); and we saw a hapless truck driver forced to negotiate around people refusing to move the line aside and let him park his trailer at the loading dock.

Worst of all, almost nobody was respecting the 6-foot “social distance” recommended by health experts. It became apparent this was the kind of large crowd we’ve been warned to avoid, so we hightailed it back to our car, deciding what we wanted to buy wasn’t worth the risk.

We shop regularly at Costco and appreciate the value and good service we have received from the team working there. However, if crowd control is necessary and they cannot handle it, perhaps it’s time for Mayor Harry Kim or some other county authority to be called in. If not the police, maybe the “protectors,” with their loudly proclaimed regard for kupuna, could dust off their safety vests and step up and volunteer to help the situation.

Alan Silverman


A wake-up call for humanity

Not only is this virus horrific, it is also a huge wake-up call for humanity. Should our precious time be spent amassing wealth, material possessions and toilet paper, or caring for one another and our home, the Earth?

Tami Warren


Keep an eye on politics

Any student of junk science, fuzzy math, and obtuse logic should watch cable channel 55. This is where us Big Islanders can watch our state and county politicians.

Unfortunately, Stacy Higa will not tell everybody what time to tune in. Politicians must like it that way. If they wanted us to see them, they would already be on satellite TV so that their constituents in remote areas could also watch. Otherwise, we have a study in professional courtesy.

Political Science 101: Control the media and you control the people. More taxes anyone?

Jerry Warren


Please don’t seek re-election

Mayor Harry Kim’s handling of the TMT protest was a disaster. Taxes are up and services have been cut. All Mayor Kim can think about is take care of the visitors. Mayor Kim, if you are still considering running again for mayor, don’t.

Vicky Halquist


Ige has done it again

Well, it should be no surprise that Gov. David Ige has done it again. He removes the one person on his cabinet that is qualified to head the state through these times. Ige is pulling a Trump because Green has stepped on a few toes. When you have a medical expert that knows what makes the medical system function and you are upset because you as a governor have failed at every opportunity thrown at you, you make the biggest mistake of your tenure by not taking his assistance. It just shows again your incompetence. I think it is the time to have a recall on Ige’s term. Wake up, Hawaii!


Barry and Louise Christian