Letters to the Editor: May 17, 2020

It’s only fair

Regarding Bill 169, moving forward: It’s only fair! Really Rebecca? Fair would be that every public official with their guaranteed paycheck apologize to those of us who lost or are losing our business’s because of leadership that is ineffectual at best. The money grab you support is just another stab wound to those of us that have worked seven day weeks for 30 years or more.


We should sacrifice our hard earned capitol to save who? The $14 million is at best a stop the bleed for the next six months while you and your guaranteed salaried compatriots offer nothing. I said in my statements before this council that this is a budget issue that needs to be addressed by cutting evenly across the board.

Until everyone feels the pain no one will heal. Share the pain or stop your pontificating as it is an insult to anyone with an ounce of gray matter between the ears.

You will very soon see the protests on the street because no one in power listens until its on there door step.

Bob Johnson


Consider helping others

Shame on you, Michael Last! I agreed with your letter re: receiving the stimulus check. I also have a pension and Social Security so like you I don’t really need the extra money. I realize you were being sarcastic about giving your money to the church etc. However, why didn’t you give your unneeded money to worthwhile organizations like The Food Basket or the Salvation Army to name two? I have not received my check yet but when I do, I am going to immediately give it to an organization that helps those in need. Again shame on you and others who do not need the money yet keep it.

Sharon Smockhoffmann


Man’s best friend

Since dogs are used to screen people for drugs, explosives, and cancer, I wonder if they can smell COVID-19 in people. The answer is yes. Currently, dogs are being trained to detect the virus and alert their handlers.

Dogs could be employed at all of the airports. A dog could screen all arriving passengers and those that the dog found suspicious could be tested for the virus. Testing all arriving passengers would take a long time while the dog can quickly check each passenger.

Nationally, there are not sufficient test kits to test the entire flying public. Using dogs would require significantly fewer test kits.

Employing dogs should be considered before allowing tourists to return.

Elizabeth Rawsthorne


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