Letters to the Editor: July 8, 2020

A nation in decline

It seems America is entering a period of terminal decline and starting to completely fracture. Arguing about statues, flags and mask-wearing. There appears to be an absence of shared values, which deems us incapable of showing strength, confidence and humility to the rest of the world.


Fear mongering, name calling, xenophobia and mean-spiritedness has been exploited by the current president, which makes everything worse and amplifies the sickness we are experiencing.

The nation is arguing about statue removal as unemployment surges, wages fall, the pandemic is out of control and health care and infrastructure in America continues to crumble. The refusal on the part of many Americans to think beyond their own selfish selves and in the terms of what’s best for community and the good of the common public is beyond sad.

A nation of 331 million people will not be able to thrive regardless of who is the next president because the collapse of the nation has begun. Unless government is able to provide basic public goods to all citizens equally and unless people in America are willing to make even simple sacrifices like wearing a mask during a deadly pandemic, I personally see nothing good in the future for America. Putin is smiling while the rest of Europe is pitying us. I am deeply saddened and concerned.

Kathy Awai


Ensure election integrity

There should be no discussion here. Securing the integrity of the elections and the vote, as well as protecting Americans Democracy is non-negotiable.

We are all aware of the Office of Elections shady past, so it is imperative that all political parties have equal amounts of representation in our vote counting centers across the state.

There are too many ways in which the integrity of our elections can be compromised such as introducing inaccuracies in the recording, maintenance, and tallying of votes. Then of course there is the altering or destroying of evidence necessary to audit and verify the correct reporting of election results.

Therefore; I’m not requesting, but demanding that the administrative rules include the definition of “Official Observer” and guarantee that all political parties have at least four official observers, each day of vote counting, in both the primary and general elections.

If the Dems were extremely confident in their political candidates, then they shouldn’t have to find ways to commit electoral fraud.

Considering our world is currently rioting over social injustice right now, I find the ignorance of the Dems quite astonishing.

Lisa Malakaua


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