Letters to the Editor: July 21, 2020

Honor the work that Rep. John Lewis started

I was incredibly sad to learn of the passing of U.S. Rep. John Lewis. He was our shining beacon of someone who knew what the right thing was to do and then did it. He believed that all men are created equal just as it says in our constitution. His whole life was dedicated to changing our laws to be fairer and more equitable for all. Rep. Lewis is famous for his speeches whether anyone seemed to be listening. One quote that resonates after he has left us is “I say to people today, you must be prepared to believe in something, you have to go for it. As individuals we may not see the end.”


Rep. Lewis was a champion in the civil rights movement since the 1960s. Lately, he saw the resurgence toward truly becoming a county where all men and women live in a just society, where no race is better than another, where all are treated with respect, and where all have equal access to what we enjoy here in Hawaii, the ability to vote. He did not see the end of that struggle. We are fortunate that our mail ballot system was already in place before COVID-19 hit. We have no excuse not to vote. Voting for competent, caring people who will lead us and represent us is right thing to do. Honor the work that Rep. John Lewis started. Vote.

Shirley David


Just what is wrong with voters?

Because there is a rumor going around the internet that you must put postage on the return envelope from the County of Hawaii Elections Division, you don’t need to believe it.

Then again maybe you need to include your Social Security number, as well.

If you look at the envelope that needs to be returned with your ballot, you’ll see, in the center of the front there is the wording, “Postage Will Be Paid By Addressee.” Additionally, in the upper right corner where a stamp usually goes there is the words, “No Postage Necessary If Mailed In The United States.” Perhaps some people don’t know who the addressee is; or what “No” means.

But I guess there are those folks who would rather believe what’s on the internet, and add postage.

How dumb are they?

And we want to make it easier for residents to register to vote? Come on, you normally only have to register once. The least you can do is go to the Elections Division to register. Maybe, that’s too hard.

Give me a break; perhaps we need to tell them who to vote for as well?

Michael L. Last


Excuse me if I missed it

Congratulations Hawaii County Council member Tim Richards on your very nice campaign postcard. I was looking for what you campaigned on two years ago.

Remember the “Nexus between water, agriculture and energy that you had been working on for twenty years”? With you, as chair of that committee, I was looking for concrete advancement, but excuse me if I missed it. Also, with you, as vice chair of the Finance Committee, I noticed you were the only council member who voted no to the very modest tax increase only on the amount over $2 million on nonresident luxury homes. Do you have any plans to increase the county’s revenues stream in this time when we know there will be shortfalls? In the past you mentioned suspending public transportation because the bus service needs much improvement. Is this still your position?

You were part of the minority in the County Council that voted no to the law that would curtail the spraying of Roundup along roadsides, drainages, parks and schools. There are many people in all communities who want this done because Roundup is known carcinogen can cause cancer and many other diseases that may not manifest until years later much like “Agent Orange” used in Vietnam. And, it may accumulate in our coastlines as everything from the land washes into the sea, as with cat feces causing deadly illness among monk seals, and trace amounts of Roundup showing up in water storage tanks. You also campaigned on 1,000 affordable homes and apartments. How many have been built in North and South Kohala? Why is it that the construction of the new Waikoloa Shopping Center is in full speed ahead in construction but the problem is of the dangerous intersection remains?

Leslie Iijima


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