Letters to the Editor: July 24, 2020

A ‘geofence’ is a bad idea

One proposal to restart tourism on the Big Island is a “geofence” within resort properties where the resort management would be responsible for controlling the movement of their guests.


This is a really bad idea.

First, it places resort management in an untenable position: is their responsibility to provide hospitality services to their paying guests ? Or — are they surrogate “jailers” for Hawaii County; limiting where and when their “inmate guests” can move and what activities may or may not take place?

Second, and more importantly, the whole concept of a “geofence” represents a complete failure of both state and county government to develop a realistic protocol for restarting tourism. Essentially, government is admitting it has no viable answer or solution, and is punting the challenge to resort management.

And no doubt, any “failure” by resort management would promptly result in heavy fines and penalties levied by the state or county or both.

One cornerstone principle of good management is that you never set people up to fail. Hawaii government has a long history of failure — and very often failure that was predictable.

The answer to restarting tourism is not “geofences.” The answer is competent political leadership. Fortunately, citizens will have opportunities in the August primary election and November general election to make their voices heard. And toss many of these idiots from office.

Kenneth Beilstein


Enough campaign bashing and defaming

What’s up with all the campaign bashing and defaming of people’s character in the process?

For we all know that blowing out someone else’s candle does not make yours shine any brighter.

Instead of ripping apart candidates that are willing to stand for change, and having the courage to run for office to face-off and expose the inadequacies in our government systems, we should be greatly supporting and commending them for their efforts.

Without sheepdogs for candidates, who would be there to protect the flock from the wolves?

The difference between winners and losers are, winners do everything they can to not only improve themselves, but their communities. Losers belittle other people’s achievements, usually to get a competitive edge on their opponents.

But the reality is, those that engage in gratuitous physical or verbal attacks on others, actually envy their opponents and/or those they are intentionally trying to shame and defame.

They do this out of jealousy, fear, and inferiority complex, which only intensifies through discouragement, failure, and low self-esteem or self-worth.

With so many concerned candidates vying for much needed change on behalf of all of us, you should show a hell-of-a-lot more appreciation toward the very ones that are willing to stick their heads out on the line for the people. Grow up.

Lisa Malakaua


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