Letters to the Editor: September 1, 2020

Mahalo for hosting COVID-19 testing in Waikoloa

Kudos and a big mahalo goes out to the COVID-19 testing in Waikoloa Village. Very organized, efficient and everything ran smoothly. Might I add quick and painless. We were 20th in line and finished in 55 minutes.


Thank you to all the doctors, volunteers, parents, National Guard, police, fire department and Premier Medical for this much-needed free community event. “Together we can get through this.”

CJ Forsberg


Hope for the future

How sad that one sorry excuse of a human being has wreaked so much havoc, destruction and devastation on the people of this once great nation, the United States of America. The sorry excuse that I’m talking about is Donald Trump. I hope and pray that he will be leaving soon. To hear his and his cronies lies each and every day is exhausting.

The fact that more than 180,000 people have lost their lives in this pandemic is devastating. Their loved ones, families and friends are in extreme pain.

Right now Trump is trying to dismantle the United States Postal Service because he knows that people are smart enough to not want to endure another four years of his unfit and utter chaos.

We all hope to have a safe, reliable vaccine to combat COVID-19 in the near future and that this awful time in our country and all around the world will soon end.

Doreen Vail


The big contextual question

Reading WHT is something I have been doing faithfully, almost every morning for the past thirty years. Help me out here … Have you become more liberal over those years? Or am I becoming more conservative as time zooms by?

I suppose the Liberal would say you have become more progressive, while the Conservative would ask, “How did we get here?” At the risk of over-simplification, Conservatives seem slow to change, while embracing tried and tested values. Liberals seem to embrace change, while promoting relevant values. For example, the progressive music and movie industry finds it their mission to push the cultural envelope. The news media then does its best to stay in step. Is it true that 80% of reporters consider themselves liberal?

Before you brand me the “get off my lawn” guy, I will let you know that I am not opposed to progress. Being progressive can be a good thing if means watching my team advance in the playoffs, communication with my wife, or abolishing slavery. Being progressive can be bad if we are talking about cancer, a pandemic, or if you car is heading off a cliff. It all depends upon the context.

As a minister, and at the risk of looking “regressive” I have to ask the big contextual question: Is it really progressive to intentionally be moving God further and further out of the equation?

Bruce Campbell

Kona Minister’s Fellowship

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